Why You Should Learn Digital Marketing?


We are all well versed with the internet, most of us are using it on a daily basis, in fact, on an hourly basis to be honest. We get our daily dose of news and gossips on Facebook, our questions are answered by Google. From ecstasy to agony, from comedy to remorse, all our emotions are taken care of by one website or another. But is that it? Ever wondered, how everything we want, is presented on the internet platter so flawlessly? I’m certain you have… The Internet has many more things in its repertoire and a smart marketer would leave no stones unturned in identifying that.

We have been living in the electronic age for many a year. By now you must have been exposed to the hype, the demand for a digital marketer is drop dead serious. The gap in the skills that one has and can probably acquire is widening by the day. The market is aching for digital marketers and the boom is there for all to see. Brands are focussing heavily on the internet space for their promotions. Inflated budgets, heftier wages and plethora of career options are just a few of the factors that could lure you to this ever-broadening horizon.

There was never a better time to learn digital marketing than it is right now. Here’s why:

  • It has been declared after many types of research that the digital media over the internet would transcend the good ol’ television by 2020. The metamorphosis of conventional marketing is on the cards and imminent, new skills are required and to a certain extent, demanded to fill this gap. The growth rate of promotions over the digital media was 15 percent more in 2015 than in 2014.
  • An unwavering growth in digital advertising is equivalent to more jobs in the digital domain for traditional marketers. Marketers and advertisers are rampant in converting their older marketing budgets into newer, digital marketing. Just in the United States, the conversion accounted for $ 1.5 billion. Quite a staggering figure, considering the boom has just begun. It is indeed, the right time for you to get your dose!
  • Its human tendency to expect the fruits of hard work to ripe in no time. A person slogging away at the workplace would swap anything for instant success and recognition. But it is an elusive luxury which many careers cannot even remotely offer. Here is the deal with digital marketing, the ever-increasing ingress to big data and state of the art technologies are providing the marketers with the leverage to continually accredit the ROI to their work in digital marketing in real time.
  • A whopping estimation has been done with over 2 lakh digital jobs predicted to be vacant in 2020 and fortunately for you, not enough professionals to fill them. It’s always a smart move to invest in a field where demand supersedes supply and that too by such a margin. The companies are hungry for your skills; you just have to digitalize them for better visibility and the opportunities would be endless as the predicted growth this year is around 40 percent in the digital marketing domain.
  • In the traditional marketing careers, one might need to wait for many years to attain certain certifications, coveted graduations, hard to find by internships in order to create a niche for yourself and be considered well worthy for a job. But that’s a story of yesterday now, the digital marketing space opens up a plethora of opportunities before you even settle into the industry. If you want to have that edge over your competitors and stand out to your potential employers then it’s about time you invest in building your presence powerfully over the social media, commence with your own blogs and participate in crucial conversations over the digital space.

Exploiting the riches of digital marketing is not only the need of the hour for individuals but it could be that competitive advantage businesses seek for the day in and day out. Everyone can use digital media to market themselves, whether to grab that dream job they always wished to get or to contribute to a social cause with a prized opinion. We are living in the internet age where everyone uses digital media for one thing or another and you should be making the most out of it. The new age of digital marketing beckons! Are you ready to be a part of it?


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