Why To Respect Our Teachers?


Firstly, Why should we respect our teachers? I would like to quote – “IF YOU CAN READ THIS, THANK YOUR TEACHER”.


Who is a teacher?

A Teacher is a person who teaches, especially in a school. A teacher is called by different names more popularly as Guru, Madam, Sir. Especially, a teacher is a mentor, guide who teaches us, educate us and provide us with knowledge. The teacher makes all the efforts to educate us and provide knowledge to us.

Not to mention, a teacher is our second parent. The teacher nurtures in the same way our parents do. Only a teacher can love and care like a parent. He/She raises the children like their own and goes the extra mile to educate us. They are the providers of knowledge to us.

The word teacher is very synonymous with everyone’s lives. We all have been taught by teachers. We all value our teachers and know their importance in our lives. Does everyone agree with this statement?

The reason we are today, what all we have gained in the passing years, all the knowledge, values, teachings have been propagated by our teachers. They taught us not only how to read and write, but also to be able to distinguish between right and wrong. Further, they taught us the way of life, the path to follow and how to succeed in our lives.

The teachings of a teacher are valuable and are nourished although our lives.

It remains with us forever and become lessons to apply. The great saints and people were teachers, be it Lord Mahavira or Lord Buddha. They all taught and preached good values that have become principles of our lives.

We do follow them. Shri Krishna acted as a teacher to Arjun and gives him gyaan that made him succeed in the battle of Mahabharata. That is the impact of a teacher in our lives.

What makes a teacher a good teacher?

It takes a lot of effort, patience to teach. Not every teacher is a great teacher, Only a few are. Have you wondered what makes a teacher a good teacher? Every teacher teaches, educates and imparts knowledge. Yes, every teacher teaches us, but a good teacher makes you understand, makes you a skilled person and not just knowledgeable.

Indeed, a good teacher sees the potential in you and tries to refine it and make you shine like a bright star.  It is not easy to be a teacher and it is not at all easy to be a good teacher. Every one of us has our own set of good and favorite teachers, what makes them so special to you is not just their teachings, but their qualities, their uniqueness that captured your hearts.

A teacher tries to mold you into a better person. It shapes your career, thinking, life everything. Remember the first day of school?

Those apprehensions, fear of parting ways from our parents, crying for not going to school. But soon those four walls and a huge building become our second home.

The reason it becomes so lovable to all is because of the presence of the teacher. A Teacher likes a figure who accepted us and welcomed us with both the arms, who made us feel comfortable like our own home, loved and cared for us like our parents. Soon Teachers turn into friends that are precious to us.

I can never thank enough to all my teachers for their constant support and guidance. What I am today is because of the teachings of my teacher. I can write a thesis on their importance in our lives.

This is the reason, they earn our respect.

The reasons why to respect teachers

1. They are elder to us

Firstly, our teachers are elder to us. They are like our parents. We must respect them as we do for our parents.

2. They educate us

Secondly, the teacher educates us, provide knowledge to us as no one else does. They taught us how to read and write.

3. They guide you

Thirdly, teachers are also mentors, who always guide what is right and wrong. They are the best guide for our lives.

4. They love and Care for you

Fourthly, Teachers love and care for us like our parents. There love is unconditional and cannot be reciprocated.

5. They always think good for you

Lastly, After your parents, Your teachers are the one who always thinks good for you, they always want their students to be happy and successful.

The list to respect your teachers is endless. Please value and respect them.

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