Why HR Needs Employee Training?


Corporate training refers to the training process of the employees organized by the corporation itself. The companies organize timely training programs for its employees to improve their performance and enhance productivity.

Corporate training gain strategic importance in the corporate world and the human resource department, the managers among others value its need and importance.

The Human Resource department (HR) is responsible for organizing, managing the corporate training. HR looks for corporate trainers that could provide training to their employees and staff.

In my opinion, HR should conduct timely and proper corporate training. HR should conduct more corporate training for their employees serving the organization. The reason being, training programs help employees to learn something new and fresh. It gives them a break from the normal routine and a change is better. It relaxes you. Training is the source to develop and hone your skills. It helps you to enhance the existing knowledge and skills at the same time develop the new ones.

Sometimes training exposes you to the new work environment and culture. This helps you to know what others are doing, the way they are executing it, what new they have come up to survive. It also gives your company the chance to compete with your competitors and also win the race. It is only through training, that your employees will be able to learn the new developments, advancements, changes occurring in the business world.

Now a day business world is ever changing. It is becoming more complex, competitive in nature. Survival depends only on your ability to adapt to the changing world. Training provides the employees with the opportunity to adapt to these changes. Training also promotes self-growth of the employees. It is an excellent opportunity for the employees to get a promotion or appraisal due to the training.

There is no age, time to learn things goes the old adage. You constantly learn things throughout your life. Same is the case in the corporate world. One learns things throughout their job period and the entire lifetime one works for an organization. This is the reason we have corporate training programs.

These programs are conducted for the employees throughout their careers to learn things. These training programs train the employees according to the work environment of the business. It makes sure that the employees feel a part of the business. They should understand the business fully, the mission and vision. The fundamental principle of operating the business so that they work towards it with their heart and soul. Training and development are crucial for the performance and success of any organization. Training helps the organization to optimize their human resource.

Therefore, training is a huge responsibility. It requires motivated and skillful individuals to handle the training process. Training employees is a tough job. The trainer needs to have these skills to train the employees :

  • Understanding the Business Environment: The trainer needs to understand the business environment completely. The aim of the company. The products and services it deals with.
  • Measure and assess staff training needs: After understanding the business, the next step is to understand the needs of the staff. Each employee needs to be trained in a different manner. So a trainer must assess the needs and train accordingly.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills: Trainer must develop good communication lines with all the employees. It will help in training them better. They will also feel comfortable and will respond to it.
  • Passion for Learning: Trainer must develop training programs in such a way that employees feel the passion for learning. The content should be interesting, valuable and relevant.
  • Innovative Thinking: Trainer should always come up with innovative thinking ideas to train the employees. An element of surprise always works, as employees are curious to learn something new every time.
  • Embrace efficiency: The management should acknowledge the efforts of the trainer and should reward him for his efficiency to motivate him to work better and the trainer should acknowledge the efforts of the employees and reward them to boost their morale.

Training is a tough job, but important. The above points must be kept in mind for effective training and result oriented training.


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