Which Stream After 10th?


This question is the most confusing one for most of us, who do not have their heart set on a stream. When I passed my 10th class examination, I too faced the same dilemma which most of us experience. And guess what? Those children who know exactly what they want or what they want to be are very few in numbers and it’s absolutely fine to be a little anxious and confused about which subjects to choose. Its a fact that it is one of the most important decisions of your life, as you have been told by most of the people (mostly by your nosy neighbors and relatives, wink!). Nevertheless, it is true.

While the 10th standard is an important milestone in a student’s life, a very necessary and valuable decision is to be made. The choices offered by schools nowadays have increased. A student can choose more dynamic subjects in accordance with their interests. While making this decision it is important to keep in mind one’s passion and nature. Your decision of the stream should not be dependent on any other person’s opinion or because of your friend’s choice. There are children who take up a stream not of their interest because of the pressure they feel by their parents. In a few cases, students don’t mind taking up a subject not of their liking just to be with their friends. These acts are harmful in the long run, as you will not be able to do full justice to the subject and also feel more pressurized and guilty later on.

There are many questions which trouble the students. What is important is to be truthful to yourself and your parents. Do not come under pressure and take a wrong decision which might haunt you for life. What if? is a question which most of us ask in the times when we feel burdened. The best way to avoid this is to talk to people around you. Your parents are your best guides as they know you the best. Talk to your teachers and seniors who have already gone through this stage. They can help you answer the questions which have not even occurred to you till now. Ask!! ask about the career options in the stream you are interested in and inquire about the faculty of your school. It is necessary to have a good faculty to teach you the concepts at school.

In today’s time, when education has also become a business, it is important to have good teachers as your guiding system. Believe it or not, they have the best interest for you in their heart even when they scold you! So trust your teachers and make a wise and well-informed decision.

The three streams, as you know, are science, humanities, and commerce. There is no best stream out of the three. However, there is only one stream which is best for you and this is what you need to find out. This is where a student’s interest matters the most.

The subject you are most passionate about is naturally the easiest choice to make. It is a very simple question. Whether you like a subject or you don’t. Please do not force yourself to take up a subject you do not like just because you scored well in 10th in that subject. There are many students who do this and think that since they scored well in 10th, they can do it in the future too. This is, however, not always true. There are a major jump and change in curriculum in class 11th. To cope up with this you too need to adjust your attitude and study diligently.

More importantly, do not go with public opinion that a particular stream is better than the other. Choose wisely as there is no point in opting a stream which does not lead to an appropriate career of your choice. One should look at their area of interests when choosing a stream. Also, the personality of a person and their talent also plays an important role when choosing a career which suits you the best. One can always make a list of their talents and interests and then proceed to make a decision. If you still have trouble and cannot make a decision, consider meeting a career counselor. Various aptitude tests are also carried out nowadays to facilitate the same cause. With the help of such means, one can make a broad decision of choosing a stream.

Once you have chosen a stream, the next decision is of the subject combinations. English is a subject which is compulsory for all the streams. A student needs to choose 5 subjects and can opt to choose an additional subject too. This combination should be made after keeping in mind the main aim after class 12th. For example, if a person is keen on doing engineering after12th, they require physics, chemistry, and mathematics as eligibility. So the course you want to pursue after 12th matters. One can then make an informed decision.

I was always very passionate about science. Physics intrigued me and I wanted to learn all that I could about the world we live in, how it works. Chemistry and maths were an obvious choice. I was always good at maths and considered it my strong point. Chemistry, however, was not very forgiving towards me and I always worried about it. It was very difficult for me to mug up all the atomic structures and names of the elements. My fifth subject was rather a different field altogether as it was economics. Yes, that’s right. I was a science student with economics. It was not an easy choice to make as I had way too many options like biology, computer language C++, physical education, etc. However, these did not excite me enough for me to opt for them. So I followed my heart and took economics as my fifth subject.

The teachers at my school were very helpful and encouraging. I studied at Bhatnagar International School, Vasant Kunj. The kind of support and the level of knowledge I received was amazing. In 11th starting, as it happens with most kids, I too was a bit confused and afraid about whether I had taken the right decision for me or not. It is okay to doubt your decision, every important decision in life is tough and this is just the first one. So, relax and breathe through it. You can make it! But if it has been more than a month and you still don’t feel that the stream you choose is for you, maybe you should reconsider.

At my school, I had an excellent environment to grow and reach my potential. It was an experience I will never forget. As I said before, 11th grade is a tough one. The in-depth study of the subjects is required. It forms the base for your 12th class examination so one should study hard and not feel low if the percentage dips a little. 12th is obviously the most important year of your school life. Your future depends on it but you should also enjoy the last year of your school life. Study hard but also enjoy the little moments with your friends in between classes, the bunks, the sharing of food, the errands to the canteen and much more. Everyone’s school life is different and each student should cherish it as one day it becomes a sweet memory.

So just trust your instinct! And do not get distracted from your true nature and focus. Study well, always believe in yourself and do not lose confidence when you cannot make a decision. There are people around you to help you, who have your best interest at heart. Take guidance from your seniors, friends, teachers, and parents. And most importantly, listen to your heart as no one knows you better than you do. Mistakes are a part of growing up but you can always move past them and emerge victorious in the end!


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