No face time? No issues: Ways To Keep Virtual Employees Motivated!


Remote work is a common practice in a lot of industries these days. Virtual working schedules have their share of benefits as well as disadvantages. It helps in saving time and money from commuting one place to another and encourages a better work-life balance. So, how to engage virtual employees?

Demerits happen when employees do not face their colleagues. It becomes a matter of concern. Employees feel less engaged and connected to their company which can hurt their productivity and performance. Virtual communication can often create a gap between the manager and his employees.

Issues among employees are quite common after all we all are human with different mindsets and understanding. In the case of Virtual employees, we can find more issues. 


How to get rid of employee management issues?

1. Hiring Tips

In addition to usual hiring, hiring employees for remote work can have some additional checks.

  • Hire people who can communicate effectively both in written form as well as over telephonic conversations.
  • Hire people who can communicate efficiently remotely.
  • Make sure the candidate understands how to work remotely. And possibly a discussion on the challenges that have been discussed during the selection process.

2. Management Tips

Employees’ management can play a vital role in Virtual employees.

  • Develop a well-defined communication strategy.
  • Regular check on workers if they are working as per schedule.
  • Guard against overworking. Though it looks good for the company’s progress, it is not. We need to ensure that over-working is not required except for urgent cases.
  • Provide fair and consistent feedback on the employee’s performance.

3. Encouragement Tips

No matter if it is the real or virtual employee, Encouragement makes the employee for long stay and efficient as well.

  • Create a culture built on respect and trust.
  • Schedule face to face meetings over video conferences to the employee better.
  • Define a team purpose so everyone can unite around a common goal.
  • Empower, encourage and motivate employees as much as possible.
  • Develop strong dynamics among the team members.
  • Manage well-maintained relationships with your virtual team.
  • Develop team-building activities to do in person or online. Set up a virtual forum, create a virtual team room, make use of webcams.
  • Reward performance with perks that provide a tangible benefit and make sure that the rewards are fair and equal.

Apart from this team, we are left with, “How to engage virtual employees?”. Engagement plays the most crucial role. 


How to engage “Virtual Team”?

1. Virtual teams can be a challenge to manage because one needs to create a corporate culture remotely. But keeping them motivated and engaged is not that complicated. Some simple tricks can be mentioned as follows:

2. Provide a platform for effective communication. This is to keep them updated about the whereabouts of a particular project. It also makes them feel that they are a part of a larger organization.

3. Assign them with responsibilities so that they become motivated and self-driven to perform the given task.

4. Keep them happy and enthusiastic with the help of some additional training.

5. If their work is great, give them proper recognition. Make that recognition highly visible so that even other employees of the organization are aware of the fact.

6. Virtual employees are just like any other regular employees. They need a clear direction for what is expected in terms of objectives and company goals.

7. Employees working in the company generally understand the workflow process and why are they necessary. Virtual workers often don’t have the same feed of information coming from the supervisors. Keeping them updated about the vision statements, project updates, company records, etc makes them a lot more engaging.

8. Virtual employees don’t enjoy the same kind of working conditions. As such you require efforts to know them in a better way. To further keep them positively motivated.

These are some basics to develop a well-maintained working organization. Always remember “A person who is appreciated will always do more than he is expected to”.


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