7 Ways To Bridge The Generation Gap


In the very beginning, you and your kid listened to music and watched whatever you put on screen. Life was quite simple. But as your child grows up life somehow changes it feels like they are speaking in some kind of alien language that you have no idea about. What on earth is a LOL? Who is this Zayn Malik she keeps talking about?

We can define the generation gap as the lack of communication between the two generations. This is because of the differences in the tastes, habits, opinions, views etc. There is a lack of understanding which is actually known as the generation gap. It is a certain kind of psychological gap that creates misunderstanding and lack of communication between the elders and the younger generation.

The generation gap is mainly the result of the fast development of the society. In last century 2 or 3 generations live in the same lifestyle as there was very slow development. But today as the world is advancing things are getting outdated and the world is getting more and more advanced. Most of the parents do not even know many of the modern gadgets and equipment their children use.

If you’ve ever heard yourself start something with “When I was your age…” while talking to your kid, there’s a fair chance that you both are facing generation gap.

Here are few tips for the children to reduce the generation gap between them and their parents


Communication is the initial step which you need to take in order to reduce this generation gap. The lack of communication between you and your parents is the reason for this. You need to be on talking grounds with your parents. Speak to them about anything you feel like be it your daily routine or any latest things in your life. Start with it and you’ll see how with the due course of time you and parents will become attached. There will be a feeling of openness and affection among the two.


Irrespective of whether you enjoy your parents’ company or not, try spending more quality time with them. You can go for a football match or whichever sport your dad is fond of or you could join your mother for an evening walk. This will make you as well as your parents enjoy each other’s company and it will help you in bridging the distance.


This is a very effective method. Many times gestures succeed say a lot than the words. For this, you can gift your parents anything of their choice on the birthdays or maybe father’s or mother’s day. It need not be an expensive gift even the smallest gifts are the precious ones.


Tell your parents about anything that is creating a problem for you. They may scold you at first but they will solve it and they will be at your side always.


We were always taught to respect our elders but somehow as we grow up we forget about this.  Respect your parents you owe everything to them. They deserve the respect more than anyone around you. This will show them that you respect them no matter what the situation is, this will increase their affection for you.


Many responsibilities are coming to your way as you are growing up. You need to realize them as fast as you can. It’s quite appealing for the parents to see their kids behaving maturely and acting like a grown up.


There will be many situations when you feel like giving up when you have to make them understand some issues on which they have a different point of views. This is the time when you have to act more maturely and take the lead. Discuss and have patience and tell your opinion don’t try to turn it into a debate.

These were the tips for the kids nowhere few tips for the parents to bridge the generation gap

  1. Communication

Communication is the key to bridging, the gaps, talk with your child, and listen to him these are the vital parts of the healthy relationship. Make your child realize that you have an interest in their interest. Even if you are the busy whole day in the job, take out time for them, ask them about their day and tell them about yours. Make this point clear to your child that you are always open to talk and when your child comes to you on the things you don’t agree with first listen to him more than you speak.

  1. Keep Up

Just keep up with the current trends going on in the present generation; even you don’t want to act like a fool. Keep an eye on the technology, music, clothes and social sites so that you can adopt these easily and can monitor your child’s activities and can help them in making wise choices.

  1. Don’t Compare

Accept that times have changed, don’t say things like” when I was your age”, maybe things were different back then but there is a completely different scenario. There is no contest between you and your kids so don’t fight any with them. Accept the things the way they are now and act as a cool parent.

  1. Get Online

Technology, media and the Internet can make a huge trench between you and your child, particularly when you don’t know or understand what your child does online. Try to get online and know about your child’s favorite websites online. Create your own social networking profiles and try to use some of the gaming sites. This way you can keep an eye on his activities and track his records, and also you will have something in common to talk about.

  1. Find Similar Interests

Maybe your child doesn’t have the same interest as you have; there are no such reasons that he or she would have similar interests like you. Try to find things that are appealing to you both, it can be anything like your favorite cricket team or favorite music band or a shared hobby or a TV show. Take out time an indulge yourself with them and make your bond strong.

  1. Fight Fair

There always will be some conflict between you and your kid. Parents always thought that they had made so many sacrifices for their kids so they are bound to listen to them and they think their sacrifices go unnoticed by their kids that’s why conflicts arise between the two. This creates sourness between kids and parents. Just don’t put your sacrifices in front of your kids, when they will be matured they will understand what you have done for them. Whenever a row arises just take a moment and rethink about everything and try to make peace and think about the problem which was the reason behind this conflict and resolve it.

  1. Be Willing

Be open and willing to change your rigid structure and thinking. You must try to be flexible in your thoughts, actions, and ideas and keep up with the pace of time. Parenting is not a rocket science it may have worked with you and your parents but maybe a different approach is needed with your kid. Just try to have suit your parenting style with your children’s needs.

These are just a few ways from both sides to connect more and bridging the gap which is now a serious problem these days.

Be cool and calm and try to resolve the conflicts, don’t be too late to take the actions and help each other to make things sound.

Thank You.


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