Vocational Education: A New Way Of Learning


Would you rather want to mug up long theories or apply techniques to practical use? If you are a person with a rational and operative perspective of education. Vocational education in India is a ray of sunshine to wandering over to reach your grounds.

Also, vocational education is a non-customary training. It emphasizes the importance of practical based knowledge at jobs.

Although it shares a close bond with an age-old apprenticeship of learning. But lately, there is an increased demand for vocational professionals. Especially in fields of travel and tourism, cosmetics and information technology.

Type of courses

It consists of a broad spectrum of courses. From beauty culture and hairdressing to culinary arts and entrepreneurship.

I think we all agree on this point that the mainstream education system camouflages our passion. Especially with the responsibilities and pressure created by society.

But do you want to be in the rat-race or follow your passion and put to use your dexterity?

Moreover, vocational education has something for everyone. Be it your mania for professional cookery and catering or if you are talented as a videographer.

Communication plays a key role in every domain of work and play. You can specialize in advanced communication and presentation skills. Also, it is a plus point to your personality.

Vocational education is for all and sundry; it provides excellence in the most primary fields such as mobile repairing, restaurant service, and house electrician.

These jobs are extremely vital for the fruitful functioning of society as a whole.

To be true, there are countless benefits

1. Since you work in an industrial environment you can gain experience while working with people who have mastered the discipline.

It will enable you to comprehend your profession to a greater degree.

2. We all get caught up in the mainstream education system unable to fathom our real passion. While bookish knowledge soaks us in depths of confusion; vocational education in India opens a door for rays of a dream job.

3. A great advantage of this domain is the sense of responsibility and independence a person develops. This refines the character and makes them superior to regular students.

4. Vocational education in India involves specialization in a selective field and hence gives an upper hand in seeking jobs.

5. Some of the tasks involve manual labor which is essential to be healthy and active.

6. It’s an advantage over the people who exhaust their bodies and minds by just working on computers for long hours.

Courses offered by the government of India

1. National Urban Livelihood Mission

The goal of this mission is to train the disabled, handicapped and women below the poverty line to equip them with a safe livelihood.

2. Parvaaz

This is specially designed for students who come under the minority section, below the poverty line and drop-outs.

3. Aajeevika Mission of national rural livelihood

It focuses on the rural population by providing tools, supplementary knowledge and skillsets for a sustainable income.

The significance of vocational education 

To summarize it all, vocational education in India is more than just learning how to fix or manage things. It teaches us to work in an unfavorable environment and deal with all categories of clients.

Just imagine the condition, when everyone starts taking up engineering, medical and law. Who will do the jobs which are crucial on a daily bases?

Whom will we call to organize and cater to our events then or repair and service our air conditioners?

For the functioning of our everyday lives, every job is as requisite as the other. We must not cast a condescending look on any job.

Instead, it’s high time we embrace these professions. And support the young generation to discover their skills and apply them to use.

So what’s your pick?


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