Unraveling Facts About Night Study


The “Night” has always been criticized by the older generation for spoiling the children. The older generation portrayed the night to be devilish in front of naive children. Almost every child was taught to practice the phrase – “Early to bed and early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise”. Mothers kept jeering at the top of their voices for studying according to the schedule- that is getting up early in the morning. The basic motive to do so was that they want their child to adhere to the norms of nature and move according to the natural cycle. But this orthodox approach had started to change and the forthcoming generation had its own solutions to deal with it.

The tranquility before the dawn, the absence of any sort of commotion and the mind exploding with all sorts of ingenious ideas could only happen at night. As researchers have said that night studying helped to retain the matter for a longer period. Hence it became easier for learners to recall the concepts in the morning. Amidst the hustle-bustle of the day, it became difficult for students to concentrate. Therefore it became essential to multi-task which did not allow to focus accurately. It even decreased the retention period of a student. While this wasn’t the case at night, rather one could snug into one corner of the room and pay attention to the necessities. It, therefore, became simple and smooth to manage work when no chaos prevailed.

Apart from the fascinating facts about night studies, there always persists undying bewilderment among students in regard to the right timings for studying. Every student’s biological clock acts as the deciding factor for a student’s sleep pattern. It is seriously a herculean task to change the sleeping pattern of a person,(especially a student) but one can do this slowly and steadily. We often see that people like to adopt the night studying method, due to its attractive characteristics. But fail to do so as their “biological clock “ starts to tick and reminds them of *TIME TO SLEEP*.

Early birds who try to imitate the night owlers are often seeing yawning even before 12.a.m. This is because they are accustomed to the specific sleeping pattern. Whereas there are people who are the night owlers, who wrap their work after the sun rises. Such people are extreme and student’s lifestyle does not need to be like that one. Henceforth for a student to learn the right traits of a night bird requires effective  time-management and loyalty towards the given tips to pull off through the night:

  1. Interval Studying: Power naps are certainly the key to rescuing the stubborn yawns hindering the learning process. As the name suggests, Interval studying involves taking intervals. For example- one hour break can be taken in-between a schedule of 5 hours of studying. One could certainly take a nap in order to feel more energetic and active. This adds to the proper attainment of knowledge.
  1. Removing the tedium from the room: No work can be until the environment is appealing to a person. Too much of silence in the backdrop strikes the learner with boredom. One can eliminate it through light music and fun-learning methods.
  1. Group Studying: It is often said that group studies are ineffective and in the end lead to chit-chatting in lieu of studying. This is certainly true but can be rectified by the strong will of the members of the group. A group certainly requires a worthy leader to keep everyone intact and focused for a successful study session.
  1. Well-lighted Rooms: Studying in the day could be easy as the rooms are lighted enough by the natural light of the Sun, but when the night comes after the dusk, it comes along with the darkness; which one has to take care of in order to avoid inconvenience. One should make sure that the room has enough source of light. Just having the proper lighting isn’t enough. Along with it, one should also take care of the distance between the light and the eyes to avoid strain on the eyes.
  1. Eat and Drink the right thing: Often people do not tell you this, but studying is an activity which is mentally laborious by nature, so that means it is obvious to keep yourself replenished with the right type of food and drinks. This pointer by no means tries to promote junk food and aerated drinks. Rather one advises eating fruits during the interludes. It is very essential to keep yourself hydrated(this is not only for studying but for the whole day) and taking a single cup of tea or coffee would do no harm to rejuvenate the mind. *, REMEMBER ONLY SINGLE CUP. DON’T BE A CAFFEINE ADDICT*.

There are always two sides to the coin, and so there exists an unfavorable side tonight studying as well. Majority of the people, tend to get up late after a tiresome session of night studying, which often hampers their social life. Researchers call this interference as “the Social Jetlag” as the person feels sleepy during the working hours(9a.m-5p.pm), which further disrupts productiveness of a person.

Therefore night studies are good to a limited extent if a student is able to manage both the time slots efficiently without any obstructions. 

Apart from the cons, the prevailing circumstances in the student’s life also tend to affect the study patterns. When exams are not around the corner and the sole motive of studying is to understand the subject, then night studies truly serve as the magic wand. One gets enough time to get into depths. He apprehends every single line and every paragraph of a topic, which isn’t possible during school hours. The pin drop of silence aids in falling off the matter into the subconscious mind. It further helps to enhance the fundamental concepts. Whereas, during exams studying late at night is exactly not a good idea. Before the exam, cramming and vomiting techniques could work to a certain extent. But one can’t rely on this in the long run. The mind would only be restless and tiresome in such an exhaustive state which would simply deteriorate the results.

Hence it is vital to figure out whether you are an Early Bird or a Night Owl. So that you can safeguard yourself from the cons of the night studying. People often fear to unravel the truths about their body, mostly due to societal pressure.

Sarcastic phrases like – Ullu hai kya? Or Jagran Karna hai aj? often tend to disappoint a person. This is absolutely an incorrect approach for dealing with such sensitive matters. It should not at all bother one; if their parents are early risers, or what the society says. The only fact that should be taken into consideration is that- Is your lifestyle truly fruitful or fruitless for you?

Therefore, it is significant to understand the sleeping pattern of yourself. Pay heed to your bodily requirements- AFTER ALL, YOU OWN YOUR OWN BODY.


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