Poem – Training In Corporate


Introduction – The motivation and guidance that I got from Corporate from one of my bosses were amazing.  The experience made me aware that I was actually good at the things which I feared to do the most.


I kinda felt compelled to do more,

I didn’t feel this incompleteness anymore.

Devoted me in the training,

dedicated to taking this to those heights,

which many times feels like a dream.

Guiding people to be more committed,

Fast pacing, multifaceted in every field.


Bring the hurdles, we’ll cross them.

Bring the hardships, we will do them.

We are motivated,

for this and us;

We are more inclined,

to take this business more above.


This is my ultimate desire,

to be a better contribution.

But for this, I had to have this opportunity,

to explore me, to know my excellence

which I got through this training.


Now I realize how arrogant I was,

never listened, never felt anything.

I found myself anew.

I now know my worth.


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