Tips For Improving Your English Speaking


 Spoken language means vocal language. Therefore spoken English means vocal English or you may put it as conversing and speaking in English with one another. Speaking in English is easier than writing in English. If you want to write well, think well and speak well. One should speak correct English.

It serves two purposes. You will be able to converse better and this will give a good impression of yours to others and secondly, you will be able to write well. The logic is if you can speak well you will be able to translate it well in your writing.

If you want to improve your spoken English, think in English. Try to think in the language you want to speak in. At first try it will be difficult for you, you will commit mistakes. Slowly you will get into the habit and this will improve your spoken English.

For improving your spoken English, it is not always necessary to spend money on English lessons, instead, you can work in four areas and improve your spoken English.

This can only be done if you have the need. Ultimately, the will inside yourself to learn and improve your spoken English is also important.

 Areas you need to work on


The first area to work on is the English pronunciation. Because if the pronunciation is bad, people will not understand what you are saying or what you want to convey to them.

Pronunciation doesn’t mean accent. Accent is something different from pronunciation. You do not have to have an accent for people to understand you. But correct English pronunciation is important for people to understand what are you saying.


Fluency means the flow of the language. Fluent speaker does not mean that he is very good at speaking the language. It means that he is speaking the language without taking any pause. Being fluent while communicating in English is important in making people comfortable while talking to you.


What is listening? Listening plays an important role in spoken English. Listening means being able to understand what is being said to you. Listen, understand and then speak. You will speak well as well as logically.


Another area to work on is the timing and pitch of speech. A sentence can have a different meaning if the pitch goes up or down. Having good rhythm and intonation will help your English sound natural and easy to understand.

You definitely need to work on the four key areas mentioned above, but in addition to this are some general areas on which you can work and improve your spoken English.

Tips that one can apply in their daily lives to improve spoken English

⇒ One best way to work on your spoken English is by speaking and conversing with people in English on a daily basis. Surround yourself by people who speak in English. when they will speak in English you will automatically speak.

⇒ If you practice English speaking daily, you will be able to know where you lack by listening to others and others will correct your mistakes.

⇒ Work on your mistakes, do not feel ashamed of it or get angry. If no one will point out, you will never be able to learn. So try to correct your mistakes. Ask for help and guidance if needed.

⇒ Read the English newspaper, novels this way you will build upon your vocabulary, use them in your speaking. As it is very effective.

⇒ Use a dictionary, thesaurus to search for more new words and phrases. Using them will make your English better. You can always play with this language and experiment. You will have a collection of like good numbers of words and phrases.

So, there is a number of ways in which you can improve your spoken English. Some of the tips are mentioned in this blog post. Try out all these to make a difference in your English. Just remember to practice and keep learning.

It is not a one-time thing, you learn throughout your life. Every time you speak you will learn something new, do not hesitate to learn from others and accept the change. So, in this way you can perfect your spoken English and speak confidently with others.


  1. As we know that the English language is a universal language, it becomes important to use it in our daily lives especially in our workplace and educational institutions but, one needs to improve in pronunciations, grammars, intonation, etc. So this blog has correct points to improve in those areas.


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