Things Not Taught In College But We Should


College is the dream destination of every student. Every student after finishing their schooling wish to move to college, the graduation. We all want to live the college life. We want it badly. But college life is tough, different from your schooling. It seems like life has changed, it turns around completely.

Once you are out of school, you start missing your school a lot more. This is human nature. When we are in schools, we want college, now when you finally are into college, you start missing your school badly. Anyways, School and College both are important. Both have their own importance, pros, and cons. 

Both institutions educate us. They are serving to educate and train students during their lives. Both fulfil somehow the same purpose only with a slight difference. While schooling prepares you for higher education, for college life, College prepares you for the afterlife. The one step ahead in your lives.

The question is does college really prepares you for the afterlife. Does it teach you everything required to take the next big step? The answer to this question will be yes for some, depending upon their experiences and it will be no for some who do not have a good experience. And there will be some who do not know what to say. They are neutral.

Although college is a fun place, you enjoy, you are treated as grown-ups with a lot of freedoms and responsibility. There is also excellent education provided to students which help them make their career and achieve greater heights.

There is a lot that is taught in colleges and a lot that is not. This piece of writing will discuss what is not taught in college but should be taught to the students. As it is important in shaping their lives.

Only education alone cannot do wonders but there are some extra skills that are required along with education to make you a better person both personally and professionally. Other factors are also important and are considered important in the overall development of a person.

What is not taught in colleges But We should?

⇒ In colleges, you mostly get theoretical knowledge and less of practical knowledge. There is more emphasis on the theoretical body of knowledge and strengthen it rather than practical knowledge.

⇒ Some courses offered by colleges is purely theory based, without any practical knowledge. There is no practical papers or projects. This makes it boring and students lack in practical knowledge.

⇒ In college, there is also a lack of exposure to various things. Not every student is exposed to a variety of things around. Only a few selected are.

⇒ Colleges do not provide training or education on life skills that help in the development of the student. 

⇒ There is a lack of personal development training in colleges. Even if it is there, again it is theory based and not practical based knowledge.

⇒ College does not prepare students for the afterlife. Students are not imparted education, values that will be helpful to them once they leave the colleges. They are not made tuned to the problems and how to tackle problems when you step at the outside world.

⇒ Students are taught about financial matters, the importance of money but they are not taught about the right use of money. How to invest, where to invest.

⇒ Students are not given training regarding the interviews. How to prepare for the interviews, what all points to be kept in mind while appearing for the interview. Why interview is important. How to score well in interviews.

⇒ Students are not taught about the minute details like how to dress when going for the interview, how to conduct themselves in public places. All the skills required for personality development and shaping a person’s character are not taught.

⇒ Students are not taught how to visualize things. The quality of forethinking, visualizing and be able to mould themselves according to any situation is not taught in colleges.

Basically, In colleges education, training to improve one as a person personally is not given. Students are not taught how to conduct themselves in public places, the kind of attitude requires by them, the importance of building relations with each other, the importance of effective communication is not taught.

Only basics and theoretical knowledge related to curriculum and prescribed courses are only given and no extra effort is taken to give them education and training on practical matters.


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