The Dawn Of Digital Marketing (what are you waiting for?)


A study conducted by the BCG has stated that the economy of the internet market will grow up to 5% of the GDP by 2020. Quite a startling figure, isn’t it? A figure well and truly comparable with those of the US, EU. And if it’s such a huge market, it’s rightly an employment generation platform. At this moment, the internet gives employment to over 4 lakh people, a number expected to surpass 15 lakhs by 2018.

A great news for the digital industry as the numbers show that there is going to be a tremendous amount of opportunities for job creation in the domain of digital marketing, whereas the conventional marketing roles are only going to shrink and contract. Moreover, the professionals currently deployed in customary marketing roles are set to find lesser opportunities by the day and chances of internal growth would be few and far between. A survey conducted by Accel Partners, of Chief Marketing Officers (CMO), in Indian companies, has reported that CMOs would progressively increase the resources and expenditure on the contemporary digital marketing while orthodox marketing tools would witness a downfall in the years to come.

Hence it is high time, for the executives who are working in various marketing roles, to update their CV’s and their marketing skills, as Digital Marketing slowly but steadily becomes the need of the hour.

Careers in digital marketing…

I believe, we all square upon the fact that digital marketing is to use the internet for our publicity and promotion. Today we will be understanding the careers in digital marketing. A career that can even be chosen by a 12th standard graduate, who is technologically sound and wants to pick marketing as her profession. Such is the boom of this industry.

Job profiles in digital marketing…

  • Digital marketing executive/ manager: Directly responsible for the engagement of the brand with the consumers and clients over the internet space, it’s her responsibility to keep up to date with the most recent and relevant issues with blogs and suitable posts. The idea is to maintain the brand in the limelight of any sort of developments in the industry.
  • Digital director: A seasoned campaigner, who can collaborate with various teams to ensure the consistency of the brand is maintained. Should be equipped with excellent digital skills coupled with contemporary marketing techniques.
  • PPC (Pay per click)/Paid Search Analyst: Directly responsible for rendering and helping to manage and sustain ‘Pay per click’ media strategies (whereby a company posting an advertisement on a website pays the host a sum of money for every click of the user on the advertisement) for the clients that help achieving client goals and aspirations.
  • SEO manager: Directly responsible for optimizing organic search(natural) traffic ranking and maximizing the return on the investment made on search engines, they specialize in prioritizing keywords to lure the target audience.
  • Analytics manager: Directly responsible for the composition, design scheme, application, and reinforcement of the data analysis solution or a tool specifically designed for business intelligence and development. Analytics comes under the domain of statistics and is a booming industry in the Information Technology Sector.
  • Social Media Manager: Directly responsible to administer (planning and goal setting, developing brand awareness, managing content, generating inbound traffic, cultivating sales leads) the company’s social media marketing and promotion. A self-driven individual with a creative bent is a must.
  • Web developer/designer: A person having an equal amount of creativity and technical ability. The creative part is to get inside the head of the client and to realize their vision and mission, this vision is then tactfully converted into a vibrant, visually pleasing design that will leave millions of viewers impressed. The technical part is to write codes in different languages like Java, HTML, PHP etc. They should possess wonderful problem-solving ability and knowledge of numbers.
  • Content manager: A person who administers digital content throughout its lifecycle. Starting from creation to deletion or storage. The content can be of any format and its management involves the creation, editing, publishing, managing updates and lastly removal. A team of content writers at his disposal, the content manager asks them to provide relevant content that can be compiled into a suitable master content.
  • Accounts manager: Quite self-explanatory, directly responsible for managing sales and relationships with the existing customers, also maintains a healthy relationship with the clients, the idea is to make the business model sustainable and profitable, to make the company irresistible for many years to come.
  • Copywriter: A master writer with a vast knowledge of flowery words in the repertoire, a copywriter writes the text of the advertisements and other publicity material. Should be well versed in reading, carrying out researches, taking interviews, editing, proofreading, sourcing images, executing marketing campaigns.
  • E-commerce manager: Directly responsible for understanding various trends in the market and ensuring that the website delivers a great consumer experience. Should be able to implement a strategy in collaboration with the marketing manager, development of the website in collaboration with designers and engineers, develop secure payment mechanisms in collaboration with payment engines, carry out website maintenance, use marketing techniques.
  • Email marketing manager: Directly responsible for running end to end email marketing campaigns, handling email databases, creating newsletters for the subscribers. The idea is to reach out to the customers with new products and services. Promotional abilities are a must have. The job at hand is to identify target audience through email campaigns and designing of marketing campaigns accordingly.

Depending on the size of the company the role of the manager can be played by one or many persons at the same time, with few or many executives working under them contributing to a common cause of spreading digital literacy and unearthing a plethora of information in the digital space and expanding market and economies in the vast realms of the internet. Opportunities are endless as far as careers in digital marketing are concerned, the onus is you now to grab your opportunity and be a marketer of tomorrow, with all the data of today and yesterday in your palms.


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