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Why Not Having A Career Plan Can Actually Work

Sometimes "No Career Plan" can also work. Read the Story of Sudha.
Choose Astronaut as a career

What Is & How To Be An Astronaut?

Oh! Wanna be an astronaut? Wow! It is interesting but how to be an astronaut? Let us explore the space.
Choose Career as Social Worker

What Is & How To Be A Social Worker?

Know about the Social Worker Profession & How to become one?
how to choose career as Judge

What Is & How To Be A Judge?

Know about the Judge Profession & How to become one?
Choose Career as Disc Jockey

What Is & How To Be a Disc Jockey?

Know about the Disc Jockey Profession & How to become one?

What Is & How To Be A Producer?

Do you love movies? Do you have this fascination with making movies one day? Is the making of the film, the process of filmmaking that attracts you? Well, then this blog will help you understand in choosing a producer as your career option.
Choose-Career-Police Officer

What Is & How To Be A Police Officer?

"Police ki na Dosti Achi and na Dushmani" - This is what we hear but don't you think you should know what is Police and How to make a career in this?

What Is & How To Be A Teacher?

You should not be a teacher if you don't love to teach. But if you love to teach then just be a Teacher.
Choose a Career as Comedian

What Is & How To Be A Comedian?

"I didn't tell any of my friends that I wanted to be a comedian because I was superstitious. I thought if I told people, it wouldn't happen. So I kept it all in my head for years and years" Steven Wright.
Choose a Career as Singer

What Is & How To Be A Singer?

Have you ever been called "Sonu Nigam, Lata Mangeshkar Ji, Mohd Rafi Sahab, Kishor Kumar da or even a bathroom singer"? If yes, then you must think of being singer :)

Life After 12th Board Results

Discuss the life of a student after 12th board exam results. Discuss career path and guidelines to follow.