Safety Of Girls In Danger


It was a bright sunny day and I was enjoying morning bliss with a cup of tea in one hand and morning newspaper on the other hand. I head to the balcony and place myself on a comfortable chair.

It was not a good start to my morning as the entire newspaper was full of stories of rape, kidnapping, loot. What a horrifying scene the newspaper presents! We are living with criminals all around and our safety is in question.

As a result, I was upset as I could imagine all the descriptions of crime scenes in the newspaper. To do away with the sadness, I went to the kitchen to prepare a yummy breakfast to treat my stomach and my mood.

A Call for the Help of a Rape Victim

In the middle of my work, the phone rang and I went outside to pick up the call. It was my daughter’s call. She lives in Bangalore and is pursuing an MBA from a reputed IIM. I could sense in her voice that she was sad. Before I could ask her she told me that her friend has suffered a rape. I was shocked.

On asking her for details she said she went for a date and while returning someone assaulted her and raped her. The boy was not from the campus. They both were not drunk. When her friend did not return to the hostel, she went to search her and found her lying on the floor in the backside of the campus.

The girl is worried to tell about the incident to her mom and dad and even the college authorities. My daughter had confusion about what to do. It was horrifying to learn that our girls do not know what to do when they are victims of sexual assault or rape.

I was a parent, I advise my daughter what to do next.

I told her to gather a few more friends of her and to take the rape victim to the hospital for the checkup as the checkup must be done within 24-hours. Also, inform your senior authorities about the event.

I called up the victim’s parents to inform them about the deadly incident. They were numb but they need to know about this. It was a really hard time for them and I could only console them and nothing else.

I asked my daughter to report an FIR in the nearby police station immediately.

How to Help a Rape Victim?

1. Support The Rape Victim

The victim needs support in this case. Tell her that you will support her in her fight. You will respect her as before and will treat her the same. Giver her the assurance that her privacy will be respected and be by her side.

2. College Policies and Counselling

Every college should have policies regarding such crimes especially rape. They should have medical and legal contacts for such emergencies. They should conduct counseling sessions to educate students on these matters.

3. Contact Bodies

There are anti-sexual violence organizations and other organizational bodies, NGOs working to prevent such heinous crimes. Contact them for information on the law, and other important details, steps you can take, etc.

4. Medical Attention

A rape victim needs immediate medical attention within the 24-hour. There are a lot of questions that you might want to ask a doctor. The hospital provides:

  • An expert nurse trained to attend cases of sexual assault
  • A special kit, known as “ Rape Kit” for the collection of evidence
  • Psychological services
  • Counselors, counseling services will remain with the victim throughout the medical care.

Make sure the victim gets all these at the hospital.


The incident was horrifying. In conclusion, this puts the question on the safety of girls. Each woman is different, each situation is also different. Hence, it would be impossible to suggest the best action but the above steps can help a lot.


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