How To Stop Getting Fired From Your Company?


We all know, In today’s world there is a huge competition in the corporate world for any post because of increased human resource in every field.

There is a need to develop yourself as a person to stand different from others If you want to grow in your career and reduce the risk of getting fired. We will see a few things where many fail to sort out why they are fired.

1. Stop focusing on failure:

Let me start with this with an example, what will come into your mind if I say “don’t think about an elephant wearing pink shoes.” Immediately you get an image of an elephant wearing the pink shoe in your mind right?

In a similar manner when you start thinking about getting fired you unintentionally make actions in favor to get fired. It does not matter how skillful, how efficient you are. When you start feeling insecure about your job gradually you make things go against you. There is a great quote from the book think and grow rich.

“Success comes to those who are success conscious and failure comes to those who are failure conscious.”

Stop being failure conscious. Instead of thinking about not to get fired, think about how to withstand in your company even at critical times. Even though they both lines look the same there is a lot of difference.

The first one highlights the problem while the second one highlights the solution. The first one focuses on failure and second on success. Be success conscious.

2. Update yourself:

Technology has a lot of importance in any industry. You need to get updated along with that. Let us take the example of a civil engineer. He might have learned planning to build a house with a drafter and making a blueprint manually.

In the present scenario, he will be no longer valuable if he fails to learn auto cad software which makes things much simpler. The one who has the knowledge of the software with the less problem-solving ability is safer comparatively with the one who has much experience but has nil knowledge regarding the software.

This happens because the company looks for efficient performance at a cheaper cost and the engineer now needs someone who puts his idea in execution increasing the higher cost. Hence you need to get updated with the things going on in your particular field. Keep learning new things.

3. Be an expert:

What I mean to say is you need to be the best in the work in which you are doing. You may are survived when a company fires people on the basis of performance but you may be at risk when a company starts firing employees to cut the hiring cost. Hence you need to become a valuable asset to your company.

Even when a country loses a cricket match, The man of the match is not affected by that. The best player is always recognized. Score high.

4. Take feedback:

Take feedback from your co-employees, team leaders and other persons in your organizations. This will give you a chance to analyze yourself. Stop comparing your work with other employees instead compare your present work with previous work and look at the improvement.

Taking feedback ensures you know your weakness before your manager knows to give you a chance to rectify. Don’t just accept your weakness. Accept your weakness and work out on them such that they become invisible when that is compared with your strengths.

Moreover, taking feedback from your co-employees depicts you like a person who aspires to grow and a man with a vision. There is a very rare chance that a company fires a visioned employee.

5. Be Early:

When you are not sure about whether you can complete your work within deadline Inform the same as your manager. Instead of struggling to convince him after the deadline. The advantage with this is you are seen as a person who has complete awareness regarding your capabilities.

This also makes your manager see you like a planned employee. Not only in the case of work convey anything early which needs to talk to your manager. Maintain a good interaction with your higher officials.

Do not get panicked when you have done your work with all efforts. Interaction with concerned person time and again will reduce your anxiety while dealing with employees higher than you.

I hope you will be finding a way at least to discover yourselves while following the above tips which helps you in redesigning a new you according to your working environment.

Hope this article helps…!! Happy working..!!


  1. Totally agree with all your points one should accept criticism in a positive way and work out on them and this will be better for both the company’s and the employee’s productivity.


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