How To Hire People For A Startup?


A startup is a young company, founded either by an individual or a group of people to deliver products or services that are not offered widely in the market.

If the trends in the regional and global market over the last few years are any indication, then the startup culture is here to stay.

The biggest challenge for any startup is hiring the right people to spur their growth. With the number of resources available with any startup, it is a highly difficult task to hire people with the right mindset who will elevate the company to the next level.

Let’s look at a few challenges involved in hiring people for a startup:

1. Time constraint

During the initial stages, a new business requires a lot of activities. In addition to it, allotting the necessary time for responsibilities like recruiting people is vital. Therefore, to avoid bottlenecks in the core operations and deliverables of the business, the hiring process should be well planned.

2. Lack of hiring experience

Most of the startups will have financial constraints to invest heavily in the HR department and the resulting lack of vision and experience may, in turn, lead to hiring people who might not be good organizational fits for the company.

The lack of resources at the firm’s disposal and the salary package that they can afford may force potential candidates into joining other well-established players in the market.

3. Lack of visibility

If the firm is not advertising well enough about the job offers and available positions, it would restrict the talent pool as there would be fewer candidates to choose from.

But nowadays, with the advent of social media, this advertising gap is reducing and as a result, the firms are coming come up with innovative ideas to reach out to the public with limited funds.

So what can you do to make sure that you hire the right talent for your startup?

1. Make sure that your place is great to work

Providing perks like flexible working hours, work from home (remote work options), travel perks, relaxed dress code, access to gym and sports membership, etc.  In addition, good vacation policy is another way to attract qualified candidates.

You can provide what your competitors don’t offer to their employees. As a result, you can attract more candidates. Making workplace as enjoyable as possible can give you an edge against big-time players.

2. Streamline the Hiring process

Firms can streamline their hiring process by making sure the candidate has a passion for the job. And not only on aptitude and technical abilities.

Emerging as a cultural fit to a startup is extremely important for a first-time employee. The hiring process needs to be designed in such a way as to test all such interpersonal abilities as well. Therefore, look for people beyond just the skills needed for the job. Remember, skills can be taught but attitude cannot.

3. Providing a vision to success

Most of the qualified candidates usually refrain from taking a startup job. They think that the business might not flourish in the longer run. However, you can avert this by proving that your company has a well-defined vision for the future.

In conclusion, build a road map for this vision. Try to align it with the professional goals of your employees. This would prove to be a crucial step towards your business growth along with its employees.

In startup capability of each individual to impact the growth of the business is huge. Simply because, it is the first step towards taking a big leap into the future for the firm. Hence, hiring is critical in a startup.

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