9 Skills You Must Have To Get Hired


Are you a recent graduate? Are you looking for a job? Yes. Why do you think anyone will hire you? What special you have that others don’t? Think about it once.  I know you will give me a list of endless reasons.

If you do not have these 9 skills then your chances of getting hired by a company are almost nil. Of Course, you feel bad when you think you are perfect for a job but suddenly someone makes you realize you certainly are not.

So, here is a list for you. Read through it and acquire the skills and become job ready.

1. Oral and Written Communication skills: Communication skills are vital for any job. Therefore, work on your oral and written communication skills. Speak English fluently at the time of the interview with enough substance. Overcome your shyness and be self-confident.

2. Teamwork: No man is an island. You cannot work in isolation for that matter. Organizations want staff that works together. People from different backgrounds work together in harmony.  In other words, being a team player will be your strength.

3. Interpersonal Skills: Aside from good communication skills, you should also have good interpersonal skills. Build good relations with everyone. Show respect to elders. Therefore, speak politely to everyone and be courteous.

4. Computer software skills:  Basics of computer software is necessary. Be proficient in Ms. Office applications and in addition to it well versed with the internet. You are bound to use these programs in your work life.

5. Leadership Skills: Who is your favorite Leader? Who inspires you the most? Having leadership skills show that you can lead the crowd well and is capable of taking decisions. Include your leadership experiences in your résumé and highlight them during the interview.

6. Problem Solving skills: Problems never leave you alone. Face them and do not run away from them. In fact, face them with the bare chest. Problem-solving skills are essential in today’s challenging business world. Above all, organizations look for candidates who can solve problems.

7. Ethical Judgment: Do you have the eye to spot the wrong? It is not a skill set but moreover an asset. Be fair to everyone and do not compromise on wrong.  A person who is not willing to compromise on his/her values but still come up with viable solutions. Keeping the integrity intact.

8. Time Management: Be punctual. If you are late for your first interview the interviewer presumes you will be late for your office also. It is not a good sign. Hence, learn to manage your time well. Be punctual.

9. Innovation and Creativity: Be creative in your ideas. Let the interviewer know that you are creating inside you that is wrestling to come out.  Hiring Managers are looking for candidates who can bring something fresh to their organization.  Just let them know about your skill.

If you have these 9 skills, Companies will hire you soon. In conclusion, Keep Trying and Keep Going.

All the best for your job search!


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