How I Made Self-Learning My Strength?

How I Made Self-Learning My Strength?

Learning is the acquisition of knowledge or skills through study, experience. We learn so many things throughout our life. But the process by which we learn things is different. Above all, the sources of learning, the method differ at different stages of learning. There are many ways to learn things and different approaches to it. For instance, one such approach to learning new concepts and things is through Self-Learning.

What is Self Learning?

Self-learning is the process in which students own their knowledge without the aid of external sources. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that self-learning is a form of learning in which the student is solely responsible for their learning and instructions to a large extent. Self-learning can be done through either textbooks, online material to learn a particular topic.

Self-learning is the individual’s effort to learn by references/ experimentation/ observation or prescribed course about a concept. It is not easy learning since it requires motivation and a zeal to learn new things all by themselves.

It demands more concentration on your part and dedication to learning things. As you are alone in this journey, where you are your only teacher it requires an extra effort. As a result, it is a more convenient method of learning and an effective one too.

What Do You need to Master Self Learning?

I would like to share my own experience with self-learning and how I master this art.

I was very keen to learn a few concepts of Public Relations and Crisis Management for my project work in college. To understand the concept of crisis management, I had to first understand Public Relation as a concept.

I started with books on public relations. I issued a few books on this topic and would read the topics given like history of pr, evolution, what is pr and so on. As I started to develop an understanding of the concept of pr and has fully understood within a few days.

I skipped over to scholarly articles on public relations published online. I read them to get a deeper insight into the topic. Then once I knew what public relations were, I moved to study the next related to public relations that are crisis management.

Similarly, I followed the same procedure to study and understand this topic as well. However, the only difference in the approach while studying crisis management topic as I study a lot of material online, I made extensive use of material published on the internet as a lot of material was available online than offline.

Slowly I instilled the habit of self-learning.

1. Consistency

I started to feel the freedom of studying the way I want to, to use my approach and method of study. It is tiring and difficult at times because I found it difficult in understanding the concept, I have to constantly look for material and surf ways in which I can understand better as I don’t have any external guide/teacher at my doorstep.

2. Motivation and Confidence

It requires motivation and confidence to master this art. Now I believe I have become a pro in this art so much that now I don’t look for any other method of teaching and learning. All I do is to self learn topics all by myself. I have this freedom to study topics in my own space and time.

3. Self Exploration

There was no criticism of my techniques, my method of studying, my approach to learning new things. The one advantage that self-learning has given me is that the topics I have prepared are fresh in my mind to date. 

They are on my fingertips and I can never forget those concepts. Also, I’m able to discover some of my talents during self-learning. It is like a self introspect process where you look within yourself, you discover yourself and brings out the better in you.

I was able to introspect the learner in me and bring out the best learner in me.

Advantages of Self-Learning

  • It broadens your thinking level
  • Freedom of learning without restrictions
  • Self-learning is fun
  • You make your study material
  • You get to learn interesting stuff and explore new stuff unlike the ones given by your teachers
  • It gives you confidence
  • It gives you a good feeling like you achieved something
  • Learning takes place according to your time and schedule


There are several other advantages and I can boast a lot about self -learning. For me, it is the best and works best for me. Self-learning is not everyone’s cup of tea but it should be. The consistency and focus it requires are extraordinary. But everyone must strive to be a self-learner as it allows you to explore yourself and push yourself to your limits.


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