How To Search For A Job Secretively?


If you are here, probably you are looking for a new job?

Or maybe, you have decided to start searching for one?

Any which way it is important to understand one ground rule, search for your new job secretively.

Before stating as to how it can be done, it is important to affirm yourself that jobs can be changed. You might be very loyal to your current position and it might be haunting you that you are being unfair or selfish. However, it is not just you. People no longer work for one employer for the entire lifetime as in the past. People tend to change jobs quite often now than in the future. An average person changes jobs usually 12 times during his or her career.  Better career prospects, increase in pay and change in the domain of work are some reasons for people shifting from one employer to another.

However, those who have worked, know that searching for jobs secretively to avoid your boss coming to know about it is the most challenging task, isn’t it? Yes, because you don’t want to confront your boss in such situations. Also, it might complicate matters and cost you your current position. So, How can you search for a job actively while working full time?

  1. Keep it private– Whether you are looking for a new job through some online job search website or having a conversation with an official of some other company, it should not be during office hours. And the worst part is to use the office computer to do the same. Your boss might be tracking the websites you visit. It is better to do it after office hours and preferably in your personal computer, laptop or tablets.
  1. Schedule interviews after work hours – You cannot have a cough, cold or fever quite too often! After all your sick leaves exhaust, you give room to suspicion to the entire department. So consider breakfast or lunch meetings, you might also request for after office hours interview, many corporate accommodate that especially if you are working. If the interview is scheduled during office timings, consider taking a vacation day. Taking a sick leave might still create problems as your boss might expect you to be on conference calls at times of need which you might be not. So, be on the safe side and take a personal day.
  1. Don’t include your boss as your reference – Yes, it might be your biggest reference and you might feel that it can be impactful. But, refrain from doing it if you are looking for a job secretively. Your potential employer might call your boss or manager before making an offer. This might make it very awkward for you to confront your boss. On the other side, this also means you need to get in front of your boss as soon as possible after you’ve received the good news. You may seek his confirmation in a positive manner despite his annoyance on your resignation.
  1. Zip your Lip – Research says that you reduce your chances of being successful if you create a hype about it. You might have very close friends, colleagues or well-wishers in your current organization but it is very important to keep the news to yourself. News like this spreads like wildfire doing more damage than good. It might put undue pressure on you as well as negatively affecting your performance in your forthcoming interviews. Also, spying and gossiping are some famous activities across departments. So, it is better to let your actions speak louder than your words.
  1. Managing LinkedIn profile – Your LinkedIn profile can be your biggest friend or foe. No doubt, it is one of the most efficient platforms to connect to potential employers. However, it is your biggest ally as it can give away your secrets easily. Your activities are easily available on your LinkedIn profile and believe it or not, your boss or manager checks it more frequently than you do. Sounds scary right?

Nothing to worry, you just need to get more aware of the platforms you are using

  • Uncheck the box to disable your activity broadcasts in the Privacy and Settings area of your LinkedIn profile
  • Answering the new prompt on your edit profile screen. In the right column, you can see an option to notify the network. Do not click the checkmark and avoid its publication. If you click the down arrow, you have an option No, do not publish the changes.
  • Hide your connection list so that people can not know whom you added. keep the notification off.

So, it is really important to wait until you get an offer. Also, it is very important to leave the job in good terms. Once you receive an offer, break the news to your co-workers and talk to your manager personally. Also, wrap up the project assigned to you, offer to train your replacement.

And last but not least, always send a thank-you mail to the entire team.


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