Responsibilities Of HR Head And Executives

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1. What HR executives do all round the year?

Economies of the world are ever-changing and evolving continuously. Adding to the mayhem are stringent laws and regulations passed, leading to a constant void waiting to be filled with effective policies that follow all the legal guidelines and at the same time are not compromising on the organization’s survival. In the midst of all this, there is a necessary function, which is minimally looked upon – the human resource.

Many of the associates working in corporate companies are still unsure of what exactly is the role of an HR head in the institution?

When asked about it, all they say is we are aware that we need one in every corporate organization, but what operations are assigned to him/her are unknown.

The associates working in a company meet an HR executive only if they have any grievance regarding the payroll or have a conversation only once a year regarding the final yearly appraisal feedback.

What HR executives do all round the year?

When a company opens its offices in a new location, HR executives are the ones who had to advertise, promote the organization and recruit talents for the project setups. They take the whole and sole responsibility of collaborating with the leaders to design and communicate the mission and vision of the company.

HR executives conduct quizzes, case study competitions, talent recruitment drives all over the country to hire the best of skills which will benefit the organization as a whole. To acquire this, they sell and broadcast the company and hiring roles in person, online and on broadcasted media.

An HR is responsible for articulating the organization’s culture, hiring process and is the face of the organization and its activities with clients, business vendors, media and community.

Compliance drives and regulations are the most important structural block towards the growth of an organization. HR plays a major role in implementing this and laying off the ground rules of the code of conduct of an associate. HR reinforces a culture that emphasizes ingenuity over irrelevant and one-size-fits-all metrics.

What if an associate is unhappy in his/her project?

What if an associate is looking for a change in location?

Any professional hindrances caused in the organization, office location, project or all relevant issues are handled by the HR executive. They take care of the onboarding of an associate in the company to the successful exit procedure.

Team building activities, corporate engagements, training sessions, management practices, and induction procedures are all handled from end-to-end by the HR representatives.

The vital role of an HR in the company is to build the brand of an organization in the market as well as to keep the employee at the workplace satisfied and guided. It is his job to build trust at every opportunity at the workplace between the associate and the company.

Meticulously related to training, developing the associates professionally as well as personally is an added advantage for the employee as well as the hosting organization.

Enrolling and registering the employee to attend conferences, appear in trade shows and seminars that may be in his interest will make him feel valued and a spirited part of the institution. This extra attention increases employee engagement with the organization. It will be beneficial to the organization as an employee is developing his skill set which will result in better productivity.

HR head’s job is to get to know the employee’s hobbies and areas of interest and create opportunities that will help them build on to those hobbies and interests. For example, if an employee wants to master the technique of SEO or get an external certification done, the HR could enroll him for seminars and conferences that talk on the same or reimburse the professional certification fee.

However, this should not turn out to be a selfish attempt that benefits the organization only as the job of an HR is to create a sustainable and satisfactory environment at the workplace.

One minor mistake in an HR function will cost the organization’s future and compromise on its opportunities and achievements. The role of an HR manager is to maintain and refurbish the internal law and order in the workplace and inclusive of the employees. This will further extend to attracting, engaging and retaining talented associates.


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