Poem – Recruitment Process


Many times, people face the problems in the recruitment process where they have to taste rejection even when they are talented enough due to some sort of hatred against particular aspects of the person, which should not be done.


It’s not that I wasn’t ready,

I was and I know that.

Why was it so biased?

A question which never got answered.


Talents are no longer supported by some,

making many talented ones feel inferior.

Got ghosted out of so many firms,

never got rejection emails as well.


They don’t realize how much it affects us,

how low it can make us feel.

Being a capable one,

yet has to face rejection.


I know I am good for that,

Coz I had a lot of training in that.

Maybe too good? I don’t know.


Maybe this is the problem,

which lies in the system.

Focus on talents, not the gender or race.

Skills matter and they should be embraced.


Be the capable one,

Stay positive and calm;

For what Karma has planned for you,

You never know.


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