Recruitment Partner – What & Why?


 “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others.”

This quote doesn’t apply only to car races. Neither is it a simple, philosophical quote on maintaining relationships as you age. But it conveys the gist of how a well-oiled partnership can transform your company and set It firmly on the path of success.

A recruitment partner is an agency or a company that selects qualified candidates for specific positions and facilitates the entire recruitment process for its partner company. This concept works big time since the large firms can neither take the complete burden of recruiting candidates themselves nor outsource it to a third party completely. But they can collaborate with a partner to hire the candidates as per their expectations.

What are some traits that stand out in a recruitment partner?

1. Communicate effectively and meet the expectations

This is the basic quality that every company in a tie-up with a recruitment partner expects out of the partnership. For example, if IT companies are in need of candidates well versed with specific programming languages to handle specific projects, then it’s the job of the partner to provide a proper job opening along with a detailed job description so that they can hire candidates with the desired skill set.

2. Ask the right questions to candidates

During the hiring process, the partner needs to understand the needs of its client and ask the right questions to their candidates. For instance, if a potential candidate had quit his or her previous job, then a question as to why they did so needs to be asked in order to understand the situation and analyse the validity of the candidate’s response.

3. Be thorough in their work

A recruitment partner should work meticulously making sure that their work is not half-baked. This involves being responsible and investigating the records of the candidates by performing proper background verifications so that it doesn’t put the partner company in a jeopardy anytime in the future.

4. Clarify the queries of candidates

When candidates ask basic questions regarding their basic salary packages, starting roles, work locations, compensation, bond period, terms and conditions, etc., the recruitment team should be prepared to resolve them to the best of their abilities.

5. Be omnipresent across multiple platforms

With the advent of technology, it has become vital for companies to be active across all platforms like social media (Facebook, Instagram) and job portals (LinkedIn) apart from advertising job openings through conventional methods. Attracting candidates to apply for jobs through innovative posts and job notifications is important to stay abreast of the competition and remain relevant in the modern day.

Benefits for companies to work with recruitment partners?

Cost reduction and dedicated expertise

  • Incur less costs with more effective recruitment solutions

  • Utilise lesser internal resources for recruitment

  • Let skilled experts handle hiring

Process improvement and efficiencies

  • Partners help in strategic workforce planning

  • Reframe talent acquisition strategy as per the firm’s needs

Technological expertise

  • Partners have the resources required to attract the best talent by using the various marketing tools at their disposal

  • Data analysis tools and report generation to drive continuous improvement of the recruitment process

Time saving

  • Quickly acquire the best talent and allocate them to the desired roles

  • Impacts the productivity and profitability of the organization

Outsourcing usually gathers mixed reactions from most companies but with respect to recruitment, it is advisable to partner with an expert and rake in the benefits associated with the alliance. Though not many firms may be involved with recruitment partners, the idea is slowly catching up and will definitely create waves in the future.


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