How Recreational Activities Help Employees?


Do Recreational Activities really help our employees? Before we answer it. Let’s check some other interesting questions which come up in our mind.

How do we ensure optimal performance from the employees”?

“How do we keep them engaged and satisfied”?

“How do we remove employee attrition and the related costs”?

Flip through the daily journals of any HR manager and you are bound to view the above or related similar questions in the columns marked ‘priority’.

With so much of an employer’s focus on improving employee productivity, it is but natural that managers: both HR and others alike are constantly on the lookout for new and innovative ways to improve the same.

Not to be taken lightly, the quote- attribution unknown- “A happy employee is a productive employee” might very well have been written by a proactive manager who must have had his near ‘eureka’ moment upon figuring the key in making his uninterested direct report more productive. “It is in keeping him/her happy” he might have exclaimed!

Among the plethora of tools, like better ambiance and work atmosphere, more leaves, flexible work timings, work from home, etc, available for a manager to keep an employee happy, engaged and more productive one such efficient tool is investing in employee recreational activities.

Known to foster teamwork and coordination and also known to be a great stress buster, investing in employee recreational activities might very well be the elusive answer -to the question of seeking ways to enhance employee productivity- your organization was searching for.

Here we discuss ‘how recreational activities help employees’.

1. Teamwork, Coordination, and Cooperation: One of the major reasons on how such activities can be beneficial to an employee as an individual and the organization as a whole is that they help in improving teamwork, coordination, and cooperation among the employees.

With a vast majority of such activities involving employees participating together, investing in recreational activities like team sports, etc can be a perfect foil for the intense work hours requiring the team to work together.

2. Improves Interaction: Being bound throughout the work hours in the workstation cubicle might also hamper effective communication among the employees. Recreational activities might thus help in breaking this cycle of little or no interaction and encourage employees to break the ice and interact with each other.

3. Reduces Stress: Stress, the direct result of the demanding work requirements, if not managed well can be a huge sap on one’s energy and productivity, not to mention the adverse health impacts associated with high degrees of Introducing fun by means of recreational activities at workplace might, thus, go a long way in reducing the stress among the employees, thereby improving their work performance as well. 

4. Boosts Creativity and Motivation: Introducing fun elements and recreational activities here and there in the humdrum of the daily work routine is also bound to give an employee the much-needed break which further might be instrumental in boosting creativity and encouraging out-of-the-box ideas.

5. Makes the Work Environment Fun: Considering the vast literature available on how a fun-filled work environment is more conducive for optimum performance of an employee, introducing recreational activities as a routine feature so as to enable the employee to perform to his optimum level becomes a task of utmost importance.

Setting up a recreational room(with a game like pool, table tennis etc) can be a perfect way, for an employer, to help the employee unwind, take his/her mind off work and go back refreshed.

6. Improving Work Culture: Last but not least, a direct result of introducing recreational activities is that it leads to an improved work environment, thereby leading to increased employee satisfaction, lesser turnover and improved performance.

The above list, though not exhaustive, provides a glimpse into the answer to the question How Recreational Activities can help employees’.  So organizations: whether big or small, go ahead and invest in the recreational activities you have been planning for a long time, for wasn’t it the great American entrepreneur who said

There is little success where there is little laughter– Andrew Carnegie.



  1. I totally agree with all your points recreation activity to employees provides a tremendous opportunity to gain long-term commitment, and also it enhances company performance.


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