3 Reasons to Start Using LinkedIn?


Unlike Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn is the platform that gives you the biggest professional network of 500 million people around the globe.

No matter whether you are a student or an employee or a company founder. If you are not using LinkedIn you are missing a ton of opportunities.

3 reasons why you should start using LinkedIn

1. Visibility

When the world is swiftly shifting towards digitization, you can’t remain dependent upon old methods to create opportunities. You have to first make yourself visible. Whether you are a business owner looking for clients or a student looking for career opportunities. In the real world also, you are given attention only if people know you. The same concept applies to the virtual world. 

LinkedIn helps you to gain that visibility specifically in your preferred domain. As a student, you can gain visibility among recruiters, career coaches, mentors. There is none of them who you can’t find on LinkedIn.

All you need to do is present your thoughts, ideas, opinions through posts, articles, and comments.

The way you put your content shows your credibility and expertise. This helps you to build the foundation of further communication and network building with potential people.

2. Networking

Gaining visibility is one thing and building networks is another. Undoubtedly, in this ever-growing competitive world, you can’t stand out based on your skills solely.

You need to have a strong network through which you can create opportunities to use those skills.

LinkedIn gives you that vast network. If you are a student and trying to get internship or job opportunities, your resumes alone will not land you interviews.

You will need to approach recruiters to grab their attention towards your resumes. Your network gives you those multiple approaches to reach out the potential people.

A few years back LinkedIn was all about putting resumes and waiting to get noticed by some recruiters. But now LinkedIn has changed completely.

It has become a content-based platform. You have to put content to gain visibility so that people can notice you. Having said that, putting resumes don’t work now. All that works is, your ability to put yourself out through your content to show your personality and your skills to interact with others through messages. All of which you can learn with time.

That’s why don’t take LinkedIn as another form of Facebook or Instagram because LinkedIn has its own game rules.

The first rule states the importance of having an eye-catchy LinkedIn profile. Which can be called a landing page of your opportunities. Your profile page and content leads to the third point, Branding.

3. Branding

Like any product’s brand, you also need to build your brand to sell your skills. Your visibility and outreach help you to build that brand. In return, your brand brings more visibility and solidifies your network.

With LinkedIn, you can effectively create a business or a personal brand for yourself. The first step is to identify your purpose of building a brand so that you can streamline your efforts in a definite direction. based on

Let’s take the example of a student who wants to get a job in the IT industry. By using LinkedIn that students can build a personal brand by showcasing his knowledge and skills. And can further attract the IT recruiters and software, industry people. based on

The benefit of showcasing skills through LinkedIn is that all professionals and recruiters are present on this platform. Due to which you can easily create an impression on a particular group of people.

Conclusion: Reasons to use LinkedIn

The benefits of using LinkedIn are far beyond these 3 reasons to use it. Of course, these 3 reasons are the prime reasons which one should leverage.

When the career industry is moving ahead of paper resumes, a platform like LinkedIn gives you an edge over others. Interestingly only 1% of 500 million LinkedIn users create content. So you must realize that the opportunity is really big to leave a mark. based on

All you need to do is to start exploring the opportunistic world of LinkedIn by doing consistent efforts.


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