Reasons Why You Are Not Selected In Interview?


Career is important for every student.  Its importance is increasing day by day as the competition is getting high. There is neck-to-neck competition among students. Every student tries to beat the other one in the race.

Students have become highly competitive. The reason for this competitiveness is not just to score good marks but to secure a good job. Yes, in the end, what everyone is looking for is a job. Everyone wants a good job with handsome salary.

Read this story of a guy named Hari and you will somehow relate to it and you have the chance to rectify your mistakes and get a good a job.

So, let me introduce you to Hari. Hari is a good looking, intelligent boy pursuing MBA from the reputed college of India. MBA was one thing Hari always wanted to do and he had his career plans set right from the beginning.

His classmate envies him because of his perfection and intelligence too. He is the perfect example of Beauty with brains (Ha-ha).

Hari throughout his 2 years of MBA course have scored well in all the exams and all the faculty members loved him. So everyone thought Hari would get a good job as soon as he completes his MBA. But destiny has another plan for him.

As soon as he completed his MBA. He started applying for suitable jobs in companies. Luck was by his side and he would get calls for interviews. Everyone knew he would clear the interviews and be happy for whatever he has achieved and was going to.

But luck was not by his side at the time of the interview. He got rejected from 1-2 interviews.

He was disheartened a bit but was not hopeless. Umeed pe Duniya Kayam Hai. He worked hard and with full determination, he applied to new companies for interviews.

Again he got a call from companies and this restores all his hopes but again the company rejected him. He was shattered this time. Despite all the efforts, good scores, intelligence, the company didn’t select him.

He was not able to figure out the exact reasons for his shortcomings. Then he wsaw the ray of hope. He came across a man who helped him discover his shortcomings and overcoming it. The man was a savior in his life.

Following are the reasons for the shortcomings:

1. Impressive Resume:  Resume is the first important thing in your interview process. The reason you are not selected for an interview is that you do not have an impressive resume. Your resume should speak about your qualifications, talent, experience everything.

The more you add on your resume( true information) the better it does to you. The layout of the resume should be pleasing, make it using a template. Know about the latest updates in a resume like an updated colored photograph of yours, signature with current place and date.

2. Interview Ethics: Interview is a process where the interviewer asks questions in order to get relevant answers from the interviewee. There are certain interview ethics that the interviewee should follow. Always go formally dressed for the interview.

Keep your posture straight and hands on the table. Look straight in the interviewer’s eye and a smile on the face. Keep your mobile phones on silent mode. Listen to the interviewer clearly, do not interrupt in between.

3. To the point answers: Many students in an attempt to impress the interviewer elaborate and speak more than what is required. They get caught in their own web and later come out as artificial and not so intelligent.

The answer to the point, relevant to a question. Elaborate smartly so if they cross-question you can answer them as well.

4. Desired Qualification: Make sure the job you’ve applied for matches your qualifications and expertise. Your qualification needs to be just right for the job you have applied. Neither too less nor too much, since in both cases you will not qualify the interview.

In addition to these points, you should have strong communication skills too. But I will repeat myself resume is very important. Make sure your resume stand out. Use the correct words, no grammatical errors, proper sentence construction.

Add important stuff in your resumes. If you have a good resume you have won the half race. Rest depends on how you answer according to your knowledge. There are training classes to train you on how to go for the interview and clear it.

Hari worked on all his shortcomings over a period of time and finally was selected in an MNC. Cheers!!!.

You are still in your graduation and can work sincerely on your resume and build a good one. If you already have graduated and in the same position as Hari, maybe you are making the same mistakes mentioned above. Rectify those and clear your interview as Hari did.

All the best for your job search process and may you clear the interview and land in a good job.


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