Tricks To Improve Your Reading


At the tender age of 5 to 7, children usually learn to read and their reading level starts to evolve and improve over time, as well as developing vocabulary and deep understanding of language over the years. Are there any reading tricks?

Compared, a college student on an average reads 325 words per minute whereas an adult may normally read over 200 words per minute. Continuous reading can improve and it is a key way to success for the students for those who are under the pressure of exams.

Benefits of Reading

Reading is good exercise. Reading is a workout for the brain. It charges and stimulates your brain. Reading helps you to remember things. It is an intellectual activity. Reading helps you to expand your vocabulary as you read various sources you learn different words each time.

It improves your communication skills, the more you read the better you will communicate because you start adopting what is written. Reading makes your mind sharp, you gather information from different sources and now you are in a position to analyze what you are reading. You are honing your analytical skills.

If you read by yourself you are likely to retain things and this boosts your memory power. Reading enhances your concentration power. If you develop a habit for reading, eventually you will learn that you are involved in it.

Developing a habit of reading is a boring task for many. Reading demands concentration and focus which many lacks and for many reading does not help. But reading is a must. It is one of the good habits that the student must develop that will help him throughout his life. With reading, there is one more concept ie. Speed Reading.

Speed Reading is the ability to read faster. Accomplishing a speed reading is not a simple way to get through.  It is all about comprehending information quickly and better. First, start reading and slowly you will also get into speed reading.

However, many read fast naturally. So it is not a mandatory one should do speed reading. But yes you should not read slowly so much so that it takes up the whole of your time.

Reading Tricks: 4 Key Areas

1. Concentration

Anything you step in, concentration is a must. If you cannot put in your attention and brains to it your efforts will be futile. Concentration is the key to reading which means reading without any distraction.

Say No to mobile phones, Facebook, Twitter or any kind of social network and gadgets which caused some distraction to many students. It should only be you and your reading material and nothing else. To increase concentration, practice meditation. A person should focus only on reading.

2. Speed

Reading faster saves a lot of time and also you catch up things faster. So you must try for speed learning to save on your time and resources. Here are some tricks which will help you to improve your reading skills faster.

  1. First of all focus on speed, and level of understanding will improve through practice.

2. Used a material guide like a pen, scale, finger, etc. to avoid losing the spot.

3. The field of vision should be improved.

4. Eye movement should be reduced.

5. Readout loud, don’t just read out to yourself because the brain is faster than your tongue. Reading out loud is another good option, in this way you tend to learn better and you can recall for a longer period.

3. Understanding

Reading and reading without understanding the meaning is a waste of time and effort. The aim is not just to read but to read and understand at the same time. Reading is successful only if you can understand what have you read. 

Different levels of comprehension require different types of reading material. While reading books or the novel it should be understood or else without understanding it is worthless. Therefore, before you start to read, you should assess what kind of text you are facing and what is your goal at the end of the reading.

4. Memorization

Unless and until we practice it or go over it regularly there is a 50% chance it will be forgotten by us what we have learned in an hour ago. Therefore, regular practice and repetition is a great way of remembering. You must be having a question on your mind How to accomplish this repetition, so there are some methods:

  1. Teaching others will help you to understand yourself better

b. Mind maps help to put everything perspective and also to create new ideas.

c. A great trick for better retaining information is by using mnemonics.

Reading is good for your brain. It keeps it active. So keep reading and practice speed reading.


  1. These days reading books and newspapers among youngsters has become minute due to the influence of the digital world. But reading is highly essential as it is a part of communication skills and in professional life too. So the tips are given on the blog might help those how to struggle in speed reading and pronunciation.


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