Quit Mugging Up!


Education is a huge part of life and supposedly prepares us for everything that we face in the future. Unfortunately, though, there is a major flaw in our education system, which is that it encourages studying over learning. They seem to be more or less the same, right? Well, they aren’t. “Studying” more or less translates to mugging up. While learning implies a deeper understanding of the subject matter. Let’s be honest, it doesn’t come as a shocking realization that mugging or rote studying is the favorite of Indian schools. As a result, many students shrink away from studies and school in general. Why must it be so?

A school in England conducted an experiment on its students by making all of the subjects 100% optional. This meant that, should a student wish it, they could spend all of their periods on the playground with their friends. While, as one would expect, the children initially wasted away their days playing around. But they soon returned to their studies, picking up their subjects. Overall, maintained a healthy study to work ratio. This is something which many adults struggle with creating, less alone maintaining today. Humans, as a species possess a natural thirst for knowledge. So it is rather disturbing to think that this hatred for studying runs so deep in children. It’s deep enough to override natural instinct.

Sitting for hours in front of textbooks trying to ingrain the words in our minds is a ‘been there, done that’ kind of situation for most of us. Looking back though, we never seem to remember what it is that we were trying so hard to memorize. This is because even when we memorize paragraphs and paragraphs of content, we never permanently remember it unless we constantly revise. Carryover these strenuous study hours to the exam hall and we see many students on the verge of spontaneously combusting simply because they can’t remember a specific formula or a certain term. Since one considers deviating from the exact words mentioned in the textbook a vile transgression.

Laying it out like this seems to be a bit of an over exaggeration but when we think about the number of students suffering from severe stress and anxiety issues, it looks more like the truth.

So what can we do? Quit mugging, start learning. Rather than studying meaningless jargon by heart, schools should try to cultivate the habit of understanding and learning their subjects. The information gained through understanding is retained in the mind far longer than that which is memorized. So, not only is understanding a far better method of learning, it makes sure that the information is in the mind for a long time.

On the other hand, an argument can be made. Our education system tests our memory power rather than our knowledge and understanding. A closer look at many students’ performance and understanding were conducted. This showed that some of those who have good grades don’t even know what they are studying and writing in their exams. So, another possible way to encourage positive and interactive learning is to change the overall testing system. One could do this by posing questions that make students think. They can formulate their answers using a combination of both acquired knowledge and basic logic and reasoning. This not only tests the candidate’s understanding of the syllabus but also challenges and helps to create friendly competition between students. They collaborate over question papers and discuss their different interpretations of the questions and their individual answers.

Another effective method of learning is ‘gamification’. Gamification is defined as the process of turning an activity or task into a game. What do we have in games? Rewards. The whole idea of gamification is based on a reward system. It plays on the human desire for gratification for doing tasks. This works as a great self-motivator. For example, if you finish two chapters of your portions for an exam, you can reward yourself by watching a movie. This not only gives you a break from studying but also gives you the satisfaction of getting a reward for your hard work.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to hit the books again. But this time, we are doing it right.


  1. I have observed many students that whosoever tried to mug up things, they forgot most of the things quickly. I can say it is the greatest enemy towards children’s knowledge. Thanks for sharing this informative thing.


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