Get Product Training Because Product Has To Be Sold


We talk about Soft Skills training, leadership, Client servicing, etc but do we bother about training on the product which we have to sell?

One fine summer day at a showroom, a clearance sale is going on, and a customer enters into a showroom. He is curious to know about the newly released model of item X, whose advertisement is screened on the big, bright screens outside the showroom.

He starts asking questions about the material the product is made with and the lasting duration of the product. If a sales rep fails to answer with clarity or have no clue about and reply to them saying “Sorry Sir, I don’t think so, I don’t exactly know about it.”

What do you think he is exactly going to do?

Any guess?

Yes, you are right. He will move on to the next showroom.

The customer can simply sigh and check on the internet about the product with his eyes rolling at the sales representative.

We took a male customer in this case. Imagine if it was female (Haha). We are just kidding. The point is product knowledge is important for the sales representatives. 

Now, information regarding a particular product effortless to avail online. Therefore, it is a fundamental duty to train and provide the sales representative with extra knowledge about the product. This process of training a sales representative about a product or service that is sold by a company is called ‘product knowledge training.’

Now, as we have learned the importance of the product training, let us move on to understand

  • what includes product knowledge training?
  • What are the different methods available for product knowledge training?

What includes Product knowledge training?

Product knowledge training typically includes

  • Information about the product.
  • Why is it beneficial for the customer?
  • How does it function?
  • What are the measures taken to prevent damage or maintenance methods?
  • Price ranging.
  • Now, the atypical question, how is the product of your brand is different from others?

The answer to the atypical question may be available online, but when a sales representative illustrates the customer in a detailed manner will certainly persuade the customer to go for their product. This earns the trust of the customer.

4 methods of product training

Because we have comprehended what includes product knowledge training, let’s check for the methods of product knowledge training.

1. Just-in-time training 

In this, we prepare the sales rep through a quick revision session. Usually through fast learning aids like handouts with pointers.

We provide product information online and make easy access to it for the sales reps. which can save time and help them in instantaneous customer interactions. 

2. Practice in Collaboration 

This method includes role-plays, simulation, and gamification. Teaming up the sales representatives will prepare them for a real-life customer service interaction. This may help in presuming the possible questions from customers.

3. Microlearning with visual aids 

This process generally includes one step at a time learning. Chunks of information will be easier to understand and quicker to learn. It helps in retaining the product knowledge for a time as visual aids like videos and PPTs are used to get by heart. It prevents from cognitive overload. 

4. Teaming up with other departments 

Often, when there is a problem with a sold product, a customer approaches a sales representative of the showroom to complain about the product. The sales rep leads them to the customer care representative. So, blending up these two department representatives will make up a good problem-solving team.

While the sales rep identifies the problem to an extent based on the customer complaint, the customer service rep solves it. So, training these two departments regarding the product will help in improving sales.

When disciplined product training sessions with persistence are carried carefully, it benefits a brand to not only improve their sales but also form an impression regarding a particular showroom or outlet.

The last but not the least, positive customer reviews and word of mouth advertisements will always be perks of good product training.



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