‘Offline Coaching’ or ‘Online Classes’ (Which One Is Better)


After reading the topic above you must be thinking that you’ll get to know something about offline and online education only. But dear reader let me assure you that you’ll get some material information after reading this. You will make yourself aware of the importance of offline classes. Whether we are talking about offline classes or online classes, both involve a human element.

Why is this obligatory? Let’s find out answers to all such interrogations.

‘Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the students working together & motivating them, the teacher is most important.’- Bill Gates.

People from different backgrounds often have a dilemma about whether to choose offline education or online education. This question is everywhere. Hence, I am discussing the core differences between the two.’

Apart from this, I am defining the importance of offline coaching classes.’ And also…

‘Why offline is required along with online classes in today’s digitized world?’ is a big question. So to start with, you should know what actually online and offline education includes.

Offline education

  • It is taking classes at a place where you can study, learn and practice along with a teacher in front of you.
  • Here you take face to face classes where a teacher is available in front of you to give instant answers.
  • You have to spend handsome amounts of money for taking these classes.
  • The process of learning is not isolated.
  • A student is able to learn the practical implementation of the course.
  • You can discuss your query in a better way.
  • There is an effective exchange of notions between a student and a teacher.
  • The learning and grasping prospect of a student increases. As we say, ‘Knowledge increases when you share it.’  You can share it by discussing with friends, teachers, classmates, etc. in an offline class.
  • One gets the opportunity to clear a doubt without any delay through a ‘doubt clearing class (DCC)’ in an offline coaching class.

Lastly, many students have to find accommodation in big cities like Delhi and Mumbai in search of good institutes who can give them offline coaching. This one is a disadvantage of offline mode. Moreover, in such tutoring classes, there are around 40-60 students in a class. Hence, it becomes difficult for a teacher to focus on each student.

 Now let us know about online education as well.

 Online education

  • It involves taking classes in a way where teacher and student stand on the same virtual platform and not on a real classroom’s platform.
  • It is a student-friendly method of learning.

But we will soon find out whether it is education friendly or not.

  • You require a laptop or PC, internet connection and back up for power supply.
  • It is a cost-effective method of gaining knowledge but this knowledge may not be practically sufficient.
  • Here the content plays an important role rather than the presentation.
  • It is a flexible learning and understanding pattern.
  • You have to be self-disciplined and self-confident for taking online coaching classes.
  • If you have any query regarding the content or some technical issue, you wait for long. You don’t get instant solutions as in offline education system.
  • Education in this method of learning is transmitted in the form of bits and bytes globally.
  • You cannot conduct discussions with classmates and teachers i.e. there is no interaction and you are isolated.

Lastly, online coaching classes involve a small batch of students. Every student can get personalized attention though one has to wait for long until the doubt reaches an online instructor and he generates an answer. While you are online you get access to more resources like online google library, etc. Now, this can also play a role in distraction from the real content for some students who have a lack of concentration.

Now before jumping to the main question let us first discuss the importance of offline coaching classes with the help of some quotes said by eminent personalities:

‘Integrating technology with face to face teacher time generally produces better academic outcomes than employing either technique alone.’ – Edutopia. Dear readers this is not just a statement but my real life experience as well. I too have taken offline coaching classes along with an online correspondence course.

And let me tell you I had far better results than many of my friends who took either only offline coaching or only online coaching. You must know that in offline coaching you get modules on every chapter, a single teacher for every subject which helps in better interaction and a number of classmates to compete with. Whereas in online coaching you get the best possible content, sometimes you can see videos made by online teachers and get a scoreboard after every online test you do.

The important part is ‘Practice brings perfection.’ So whether you take both the classes together or not you just need to practice in a particular direction for achieving your goal.

The next one is:

‘Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the students working together & motivating them, the teacher is most important.’- Bill Gates. Do you agree with this statement?

Online classes involve different technologies like online content writing, online tests, videography, online video chat, etc. which not only interests our mind but also helps in increasing our self-discipline and intelligence. But a student is still devoid of teacher-student interaction and understanding. Imagine you don’t even know the real person behind the online content you are studying from. You require a teacher more than an online instructor to get motivation and interactivity. Consider technology as a tool to study and not as the teacher itself.

What next?

We are now aware of the importance of both online coaching and offline coaching. We have also discussed two statements quoted by famous personalities along with real-life experience. Now we are all set to involve ourselves in the discussion of the question below:

‘Why offline is required along with online classes in today’s digitized world?

We know that online classes involve technology more than a human element. But does it stands true in the real world? I would say ‘no’. Technology itself would have not existed without human contribution. Below are a few discussions on this:

  • Online guidance can never be given by judging your point of view on a query. You will be considered dumb if you are not able to present your question in a way in which the online teacher understands it. This can be because of language difference as well.
  • Though online instructors are humans and not computers or robots, one cannot expect an answer instantly. You have to wait for the instructor who knows that his presence is vital for you until he/she facilitates you with the best answers. They have made an answer according to the student’s level of understanding. This is difficult to know in an online session.

This clearly tells that online education is lame without human consent.

To get rid of searching and wasting time getting the solution to your problem you should choose the offline mode of learning. Here you get a faster approach to the desired answer.

  • The online instructor needs time to understand the student’s point of view and his grasping abilities through online tests and scores. ‘Scores alone can never help to judge one’s knowledge and capabilities.’His/ her performance in tests helps the online teacher to understand the requirements of a student. Whereas in an offline class the teacher can know the student by his performance in class. He/she can understand a student just by his facial expressions at the time of interaction. Eye contact helps the student to remain focused on the words spoken by the teacher. It is not possible in online coaching.
  • Though there are student-centered online classes also available now still there is lack of student-teacher interactivity.
  • In today’s time, we use videography to create interaction between a student and a teacher. This creates a classroom like an environment for the student. But imagine, if a student sleeps while watching and listening to the video! There is no one to shout at him, ‘Wake up!’ Hence this can create an illusionary class, not the actual one. 


Online mode of education cannot form a student-teacher relation. Though online classes have many benefits. A student can learn and practice a huge data from his place itself. But it cannot fulfill the needs of a student instantly like a teacher sitting in front of him can do. We say Kids love technology; but they also love legos, scented markers, books, and mud puddles. It’s all about balance. Being a student or a parent, you should make sure that you balance both the methods of gaining knowledge.

You can get a better academic and practical outcome by employing both the techniques- offline coaching along with online classes. I hope there is no confusion now. So start implementing whatever you have got to know.

Work hard and all the best for a bright future.



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