How I Chose MBA College?


“The things taught in schools are not an education but the means to an education” -Ralph Waldo Emerson.

What is the first thing that comes to the top of your mind when you are choosing a college for your future? Is it that the college is in the top 10 colleges in India? Or does the college have state of the art infrastructure?

Well, there is a whole of factors that we should take in into account while choosing a college that would shape the way our future is going to play out.

Let me take the example of me choosing a college for doing my MBA. First and foremost, I was convinced that in order to hone my skills and then to take decisions having a holistic point of view, an MBA from a prestigious institute would help me in making an informed decision.

Post that I decided to shortlist the colleges that I aspire to take admission to. Let us have a look at the parameters that I looked at when choosing a college.

1. Reputed and Experienced Faculty: The quality of faculty is what makes a good college a great college. We all know why the IIM’s are so sought after. It is because of the fact that the faculty are very adept at their art.

Let us take the example of IIM-A. There the Economics professor is a member of the Monetary Policy Committee which the RBI commissioned. Therefore it is very important that the college has faculty that would equip us with the know-how on how to succeed in professional life.

2. Well-connected alumni network: The College should definitely have a well-connected alumni network. Networking being the buzz word in MBA, the alumni base would be invaluable in job search opportunities or for providing advice on how to go about the chosen career path by the student

3. Good Infrastructure: The College should definitely have a good infrastructure since a good campus would enable the students to feel and grow as a part of the institution.

Moreover, in an MBA the campus life is one that students would cherish even after passing out of the college. SInce here debates revolving around case studies go on till late at night.

4. Location, Location, Location: The location where the college is situated also is important as the industry exposure that a student would be able to experience in an MBA can only be fulfilled if the college is situated in a feasible location.

Let us take the example of my MBA college NMIMS. The location of the college being in Mumbai gives you an advantage of hobnobbing with the best in the industry. And also mingling with them on a regular basis.

5. Extra-curricular activities: In addition to academics the college should also give you ample opportunities wherein you can give flight to your hidden talents. I know for a fact that a friend of mine who was an introvert in class turned out to be an outstanding stand-up comedian during the Saturday Nights Live show on our campus.

Thus there are hidden gems hiding among us. Therefore, it is by these events that bring the best out of us. There are also a number of cells which you can be a part of thereby learning how actually the industry works. Also, how you as an individual would benefit from it.

6. Feedback: One of the major reasons for me to choose NMIMS was the feedback received by my seniors who graduated. They gave such glowing reviews about the college. Also, their experiences made it to my list of dream colleges. I wanted to be a part of the NMIMS family.

Let us take an example of the “Mumbai Darshan” activity. During the first week of college, it lets you explore entire Mumbai and learn what makes the city tick. Moreover, it also gives you an opportunity to win prizes while you are at it.

In short, it was an out of the world experience. And one for the ages since the friends and memories I made during that trip is very close to my heart.

7. Batch Strength:  The number of students in NMIMS, Mumbai are around 600 which gives you an opportunity to mingle with a diverse background of people with differing views.

Moreover, there is also a 30% reservation for girls which makes for great peer to peer interaction. This also helps us in understanding the views of the opposite gender. This helps us to be sensitive to their perspectives and not be brash while passing arguments. Being emotionally intelligent is an important aspect while interacting with people.

8. Good Social Presence: This may be a point which is unique to me. I was looking for a college which has a good social presence. That would mean the college is adapting itself with changing times. And in order to stay relevant is keeping itself active in social media so that it may gain traction and more. Also, the more the aspiring students know about the college and its achievements, the more willing they would be to join your college.

9. Placements: This placement of a particular college is an important parameter since at the end of the day the students want to join their dream companies.

The placements give an overview of the job profiles offered and companies coming on campus. Therefore the student knows beforehand what to expect from college. And also how to prepare for a dream company that the individual wishes to join.

Thus the above-mentioned points are those that were in my head when I was making a decision to choose a college. These helped to choose a college that would imbibe in me the qualities that would help my professional career have a jumpstart.

There may be some additions to the points. But more or less the points are exhaustive. Hence, an aspiring MBA students can keep the above checklist in mind while distinguishing between different colleges. And also selecting a college that would further their professional career.



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