How To Handle People With A Matrix Structure?


The matrix structure in an organization is one of the best among various structures. You can pick your team as per your resources. It is like making a cricket team from a group of bowlers, batsmen, and all-rounders. Just as a captain faces many problems while selecting and training the team, similarly a project manager also faces various problems.

Here an HR needs to handle project managers as well as other employees of the company. So it is a very difficult task to convince both people. It is just like an HR is a processor who has to schedule all the processes using limited resources.

In the case of matrix structure in an organization, a project team is built depending upon the project requirements. They may form this team by selecting some employees from different departments like one from testing, two from developers, etc. In this case, it is a bit complicated to handle.

Tips to handle people with a matrix structure in an organization

1. Training

Your project teams are not permanent, the teams are changed according to the client requirements. Since the resources(employees) are shared here, it gives rise to new conflicts. You need to train your employees in such a way that they are comfortable with frequent team change.

You need to organize several activities for your employees as well as to your project managers so that they will have high interaction between themselves. When they are already known to each other they work with any team formed with ease and the managers also feel comfortable.

So your whole company employees need to know each other well irrespective of the department they work for.

There is also a need to train your managers regarding how to make changes at the working procedure according to the team they get. You need to wake up the leader in them.

2. Negotiating with managers

There may be always controversy regarding the distribution of resources. You need to interact with your managers and ensure they are not discontent. You need to convince them to do their best with the team he got. Moreover, there needs to be a clear system of how you assign the task and resources.

Once managers start feeling partial they may tend to lose trust in you and interest on work. Communicate with your managers and take feedback regarding your employees. Sort them into different categories. Top, medium and slow. While forming a team you just check that every team must possess reasonable requirements. This will give confidence to managers.

3. Pre-planning

Check out the analytics of your company. Go through the market value and shares. One your company starts growing you can no longer manage with some resources. You need to work with a lot of employees at a time.

See that your staff are sufficient to satisfy the client’s needs and your employees are sufficient to handle different projects. If the requirements are less hire new project managers and employees.

Depending upon the state of your company whether it is in the boom state, or recession state you need to act accordingly. layoffs can also be performed in a recession state. Always have an idea of how your company analytics is going to change.

4. Developing strong managers

This is the most important aspect while you deal with matrix organization. You need strong managers where they are confident enough to submit the project irrespective of the circumstances.

It is because the team he was assigned may cooperate or the team may also need not to reach his expectations. He needs to be developed a mindset of accepting things. Moreover, positively minded managers are very much essential because he has to maintain harmony with other managers whatever the situations may be.

If conflicts between managers arise it will lead inner partition into teams. So take feedback from employees and managers regarding each other. Discuss the drawbacks personally or you can also ask your business coach to talk to them.

5. Eliminate the affinity

There are many reasons in which most of the employees like to work under the same manager. That cannot be possible all the time. He might spread the same and influence, other people, too.

You need to take care that no manager make specific comments on specific employee and no employee can make comments on specific manager either positive or negative, we are not concerned. we want everyone to be treated equally by every other.

Managing a matrix organized corporate system is a difficult task. Observing your employee and manager’s behavior can help you to make the required changes. All the best!

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