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Edu4Sure is here to the rescue

And that’s how the cookie crumbles! The speaker on the stage opined.

“Any questions?”

The teacher provokes the students to participate and it makes their minds aflutter. The speaker began to rattle by the lack of response.“Back to the salt minds” he whispered to himself and left the hall. The students followed him out.

3 remained seated, gazing at their phones, searching for the benefits of a “digital marketing course.”

Raj, mumbled, “I’m sure there are better options out there than that!”

“Well, whatever suits you.”

 Says the one to Raj’s right, his name is Rahul and he is specializing in Marketing Management as we speak. Crossed by the spurious claims of the various coaching classes, Rahul had given up.

“Don’t be a cold piece of work,” yelled Priya, fretted by Rahul’s pessimism.

“I’ve seen enough of this” explains Rahul.

“But I don’t think- “, intervenes Priya reluctantly

“Because you don’t think enough… “Interjects Rahul.

“You just did not say that!” lashed out Priya.

Meanwhile, Raj is on to something interesting on his mobile phone, He gives Rahul a reassuring smile and tries to remind him about the benefits of digital marketing in today’s scenario.                       

    “Internet is the rocket fuel for growth-”

“Oh really?” questions Rahul

“It is the best medium to facilitate interaction with the target audience.” Adds Priya.

“-Tell me something I haven’t heard before.”

 Cuts in Rahul, annoyed by the hollow promises of various firms in the market, he is in no mood for any pacifying behavior. Whereas Priya has found a ray of hope in a cluster of facetious advertisements.

“I know how much I use my mobile phone and digital marketing caters to people like me” – Clarifies Priya.

“I also know that it is the best way to entice the people to take favorable actions”

– “Since when have you became that smart?” – Asks Rahul

– “Since I’ve chosen Edu4Sure to learn digital marketing”, boasts Priya

– “What are you talking about?” Rahul whimpered,

– “I’m trying to inject some common sense in your hard head”,

– “Blah blah!” Rahul tells Priya off.

“She does have a point you know… “Raj tries to vindicate Priya.

“Edu4sure has a good number of courses in their repertoire, and the best part about them is their small batch sizes”

“You know last time I had my session with them, they completely changed my perception about blogging”, advocates Priya.

“For the first time, I felt that I was actually being addressed by the trainer.”

Rahul knew Priya from before, so this came like a revelation to him since Priya has always been the apprehensive one. But the kind of optimism she has is a sign of something new and revolutionary.

“Edu4Sure has been taking utmost care in identifying my flaws and correcting them for me.” Chirped Priya.

“Won’t you tell him about the meteoric rise in their ranking?” Declaimed Raj.

Priya giggled…

“What are you waiting for? Spill the beans Priya!” Demanded Rahul.

“Not so long ago, Edu4Sure was in the top 14 lakh and now they are amongst the top 80000.” Claimed Priya.

“Hmm… Sounds impressive, but what is the teaching method involved?” Asked Rahul.

“Edu4Sure teaches from the work done by the industry leaders and points out the key features necessary for successful digital marketing.” Explained Priya.

“But- “Rahul mumbles.

“-Wait! I haven’t finished yet. Let me tell the best part about Edu4Sure”, framed Priya.

“Are you hinting at their small batch size?” Asked Raj.

“That’s there but there is something complementing the small batch size.”- says Priya.

“My word! What is that now?” Asks Rahul in awe.

“Okay let me ask you something, what is the usual session time of other academies?” – asks Priya.

“Say around one hour” Speaks Raj

“That’s what! They are just getting over with it usually” – Claims Rahul.

“Edu4Sure actually addresses the elephant in the room”- Chuckled Priya.

Rahul scratches his head. “Would you say the big thing already?” he asks.

“In Edu4Sure the session time is usually between 5-6 hours.” – says Priya

“Oh, is it?” Rahul tries to reaffirm with Raj.

“Absolutely!” Exclaims Raj.

Rahul seems to be getting a grasp of things now but feels he has wasted a lot of time in the meandering and searching.

“I wish we had this conversation before” Whispers Raj and folds his arms in content.

“Well better late than never.” Priya chuckles because for the first-time Rahul seems to be in agreement with her.

“Job well done Priya.” Praises Raj.

“Job well-done Edu4Sure!” Corrects Priya.

Well, such has been the impact of Edu4Sure, one can only imagine what they have to offer until one actually experiences it. There are students around every institute going gaga over Edu4Sure and it is only the start of this revolution. What are you waiting for? Join edu4Sure now and explore the seamless world of digital marketing without any barriers.


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