How To List Your Local Business Online?


Do you still use those fat phone directories to search for the local vendors? Are the flyers, billboards, posters still your source for finding the new vendor? If yes, then it’s the time to dispense them all. Yes, there are better ways of searching for the local business in your locality.

The advancement and development of technology and the internet revolution have changed the scenario. No need to pile and strain your eyes by searching in heavy directories. The Internet is your stop.

Benefits of online local business

It gives you the freedom to search, compare and buy everything without going to the store physically. Once you start using the internet for searching you will forget that big yellow books. You can comfortably order online or make a contact with the vendor from the comfort of your homes.

As technology is changing, customer ways are also changing. If your customer is changing their ways of buying then you need to change your ways of selling goods. If you are not online, then your customers will stop visiting you.

So make yourself available online or start a local digital campaign to retain old customers, get new customers on board and more profits.

Why make an online presence? Good question. Let’s assume your mother is about to cook something delicious but while making the list of stuff she finds out butter is missing. She needs it immediately as the dish cannot be baked without butter.

So she quickly grabs her smartphone and types confectionery or grocery shop on Google in the hope of finding a butter. Google will show results of many shops, paid advertisements, top-ranking sites.

So, your mother will probably click on the link to the store nearby and not the one 100 miles away. She will not wait for 2-3 days to place an order as she needs it immediately. So, in this case, your local store in the neighborhood with an online presence will help you and the customer too. Make your presence in the local search market.

How to Build a Website?

Whenever you deal with whether groceries, medicines, provides yoga training or any other service in the world, presence on the internet and in local searches is a must for you. A way to shine your business. Have a great site with great content so the searchers can easily find your websites.

The essentials you need for your website:

1. Address

The address is important for your customers to get to you. Provide the physical location of your store online clearly and also mention some popular landmarks for easy identification.

2. Directions Via Maps

You can also give directions to your store via maps. Google Maps is an interactive way to find the store. So create one through Google maps.

3. Contact

Provide contact details, email address or any mode of contact information so that your customers can easily contact you in case of emergencies. You can also book appointments over the phone.

4. Social Media Presence

Social media for small and local businesses is very important. Make your social media presence also. Provide links to your social media accounts. It will boost your customer base.

5. Content 

Content is again very important. Provide clear, adequate content to your customers. They should be able to find all the information they are looking for when they browse your website. Optimize your content.

How to build a local presence for search engines?

You need to make your local store available for the people residing in your neighborhood.  You need to take some specific tasks to make your way into online directories.

The search engine providers such as Bing, Yahoo let the users do area wise searches or city wise searches against the structural database of local listings. You need to provide some essential information for listings.

Put information like the name of your business, address, contact information, etc uniformly all over the places. It should not be Rolls Royce in one place and RR in another. This confuses the search engines.

How to list your Business?

Once you have provided the name, address, phone number of your business uniformly you are ready for the listings.

  • Every local listing provider has to go through the registration and verification process, choose yours.
  • Provide details like name, address, phone number of your business and also some photographs videos business category while registration process.
  • Once the details are submitted, the verification process starts. Every service provider has a different verification process. It is essential to provide correct details to get verified without issues.
  • Once your business is listed after approval, you can later update the changes as per modifications.


So listing your local business in local directories is very important for you and your customers. It will give a boost to your customer base and also profits. Everything is online then why you are not online? Be one as soon as possible. It is the smallest of the things in a local business that can make you a big one.


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