Why LinkedIn Should Be Used For Recruitment?


ONLINE – This word has been the answer to every human need possible since the evolution of the digital age. And that has not changed when it comes to recruiting employees. But in spite of a hoard of apps, websites and domains available to recruit employees one name always stands out and that’s LINKEDIN!

Since it’s launch in 2003, LinkedIn has carved its name as the best business and employment-oriented social media platform and that too for all the right reasons.

Top 7 reasons why LinkedIn has to be in every recruiter’s priority list looking to employ superior professionals

1. GLOBAL CANDIDATE POOL: LinkedIn has more than 500 million users from more than 200 countries making it the world’s largest workforce of professionals striving together to succeed in life. And the number keeps on increasing by the minute. So you have an entire global workforce to choose from at your fingertips.

2. EASY COMPARABLE PROFILES: Resumes come in a wide array of formats and sizes and comparing them may seem like a nightmare for recruiters. LinkedIn profiles provide consistency which facilitates easy comparability on topics like education, location, job title, industry and connections

3. ACCURATE PROFILES: LinkedIn profiles can generally be seen by anyone who might be alumni of the same institution and so it becomes rather difficult to “get by” by providing false information. Also, it is easy to maintain an up-to-date profile on LinkedIn. This is done with its constant reminder asking you to update your profile. So even if you forget to update your resume LinkedIn doesn’t.

4. IN MAIL COMMUNICATION: LinkedIn has its own emailing tool for sending messages. So direct and easy contact between the employee and the recruiters is possible.

5. JOB OPENING ANNOUNCEMENT PLATFORM: Since a large number of job seekers are active on LinkedIn it only seems right to post a job opening announcements on LinkedIn to supplement along with the other channels.

6. FACILITATES RECOMMENDATION: Background checks on a prospective candidate feels like a breeze on LinkedIn thanks to its recommendation feature. Although subjective it can help find connections between individuals who have worked with them.

7. ALLOWS INTRODUCTION: Direct employer to recruiter contact is possible in LinkedIn thanks to its “Introduction” feature where it allows to introduce a recruiter or employee to their contacts

We have been witnesses to many social media platforms coming and crashing down just because something better overtook it. But LinkedIn has been standing the test of time for more than 17 years now.

Still, there are people who assume that LinkedIn is just another job-seeking social media platform. We pride ourselves in living in a globally connected and socially aware era. It is striving together for progress. Are we not actually ignorant if we chose not to use it to maximize great professional tool available that could do wonders for our own personal growth if used wisely?


  1. LinkedIn can be valuable tool for job searching and professional career growth. It makes easy to apply, and the advantages are to built connections plus, it allows individuals to apply directly for a job.


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