Interview Preparation – What & How?


Interview a meeting of people in a face-to-face situation. In common parlance, the word interview refers to a one-on-one conversation. This is done with one person acting in the role of interviewer and another in the role of the interviewee.

The interviewer is the person taking the interview, he/she asks the questions and seek an answer to the questions. The interviewee is the respondent and answers the questions being asked.

There are several definitions of an interview given by various people.

According to Burns

An interview is a verbal interchange, often face-to-face, through telephone may be used, in which an interviewer tries to elicit info, beliefs or opinions from another person.

According to Monette

An interview involves interviewer reading questions to respondents and recording their answers.

Any person to person interaction, either face to face or otherwise, between two or more individuals. The interaction is done with a specific purpose in mind and is called an Interview.

There are two types of interview that commonly takes place. 

1. Personal Interview:

This is conducted face-to-face where interviewer follows a procedure to seek answers from the interviewee. The answers are sought to a set of preconceived questions. This is carried out in a structured format

2. Telephonic Interview:

As the name suggests, the interview is carried out over the telephone. The interviewer contacts the respondent and asks questions over the phone.

An interview consists of both open-ended and close-ended questions. Open-ended is descriptive, elaborative questions that need to be answered in detail. Close-ended questions are short questions. They can be answered with a yes or no.

Interviews are the way of impressing your experiences and personality upon an unknown entity. Using this method, you can start a conversation with the person. Further, ask them a few things you wish to know about that person. It is an excellent way to communicate with one another and seek answers from the person.

Interviews are important. Interviews play an important part in the selection of the candidate. While recruiting a person for the job, one has to pass the interview round. It is a way to know the person better, test the communication skills, test the thinking of the person.

Too many candidates believe that being called for the interview means you are called for the position. This is not the case. So Prepare, Prepare and Prepare.

Points to remember before going for the interview

⇒ Research well about the company, its operation, and their work. Nothing worse than not knowing what the company is all about where you wish to work.

⇒ Prepare the answers to most frequently asked questions. Like where do you see yourself in next 5 years, why you want to join this company.

⇒ Also, be prepared to answer the questions about the company. 

⇒ Work on your body language. Do not show tension. Don’t give away your anxiety

⇒ Dress properly for the interview. You should either wear formals or Indian when going for the interview.

⇒ Know the timings of the interview and reach before time. Getting late for the interview gives away the bad impression.

⇒ Carry all the necessary things required and asked by you to carry like a resume, passport sized photographs.

Preparing for Interview is a good practice As then questions can be answered well. Also, it gives us an idea about the questions that will be asked. For example, the information given in the CVs, about the company, etc. and you answer the questions confidently.

Preparation gives confidence. It is reflected in the body language and is a positive sign while appearing for the interview. 

If you have prepared for the interview, you will feel relaxed and will be calmer before giving the interview. If your mind is calm you exactly know what to answer and what not to. You are in a position to face any question creatively otherwise you will be nervous and will break down.

Interview Preparation helps to score more over the others. The interview is a communication process, preparation gives you the advantage to communicate a confident manner. These are the reasons which make interview preparation is a good practice.


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