10 Best Things We Should Consider In Interview


Do you get butterflies in your stomach when you think of interviews? Does the mere thought of an interview make you sleepless at nights? Do you feel nervous and start to think of all the things that can go wrong on the D-day?

I know the reason behind all this is that it’s one thing to sell on paper with the resume and another thing to sell in person at the interview.

But Don’t Worry! It’s not that tough and definitely not the end of the world!!

Trust me when I say that nothing can help you in an interview but yourself, your own preparation and your belief in yourself.

These 10 tips won’t guarantee your success in an interview but will surely help in improving your chances

1. Dress Aptly:

As they say that a book is judged by its cover, the same follows for humans too. The first thing that anyone notices about you is your looks. An opinion is formed even before you realize, so you must be very careful with the way you dress for an interview.

Usually, one must stick to proper professional business look and later, can adapt to the culture of the organization.

2. Prepare your Resume:

Yes, this is one of the most important requirement to ace an interview. The interviewer does not know you. The only bridge between you two is your resume, so you must be very well prepared for it.

You must own your resume because if you are unable to justify your resume, you won’t be able to win his trust and justify your credentials.

3. Appropriate Body Language:

Your body language acts as a mirror and enables the interviewer to judge if you really mean what you are saying. Hence, it is of high importance that you and your body do not contradict e.g., If you say you are a confident person then you must not be fidgety.

Chewing gum, playing with the pen, slouching, playing with your hairs, shaking legs, biting nails, and more similar gestures are signs of poor body language while making strong eye contact, smiling often, and nodding your head are some of the signs of a confident body language. You must try to maintain a robust posture from beginning to the end of the interview.

4. Be Prepared with Basic Questions:

Yes, it is true that you cannot anticipate what all questions you will be asked in your interview but there are always some basic questions that you should be prepared for and should use to score brownie points if asked.

These questions are like: Tell about yourself, what are your strengths and weaknesses, where do you see yourself in 5 years from now, etc. Also, make sure to look at all panel members while answering and not just the person who asked you the question. This is a gentle way of showing that you respect them.

5. Use Realistic Examples:

This tip will help you to show the panel that you mean whatever you are saying and also would help you to make the conversation interesting. Once you substantiate your answers with the right examples from your past, it helps to build connections and leads the interview in a positive direction.

6. Don’t blame others:

At times, you may be asked questions about your boss, the teacher you didn’t like at school or why did you score fewer marks, etc. But make sure that while answering you do not blame others.

Your answer must include what all learnings you had and what did you do to overcome the hardships.

7. Don’t over-compliment the HR/interviewer:

 A gentle, polite smile is always welcome, but too much of unnecessary compliments may irritate a person. You can give compliments about the organization, its culture, etc. but avoid giving any personal references.

8. Seek More Information:

Once you decide to appear for an interview you must prepare well about the organization and the job profile. You should know what you are getting into and what will be your role and responsibilities.

Also, if given a chance you must clarify any doubts about your job in the interview. Being well versed with the company and its culture, you can also use it to impress the panel and show your interest in them.

9. Be Energetic and open to things:

No one likes a person who is dull and lazy. In today’s world, everything is very dynamic and hence, it becomes important for everyone to be open to new things.

One must be able to think on his toes and find solutions to different problems. You can also ask questions to your interviewer about the organization or the job role to show that you have read about them and are looking forward to joining them.

10. Be Concise:

Please note that there is nothing wrong if you take 5-10 seconds of time to think and answer the question. Instead of blabbering as soon as the question finishes.

You will be appreciated if you are able to give a concise answer instead of beating around the bush. The quality of your responses which differentiates you from other candidates for the same profile.

So while these are some of the things that can help you to perform better in your interview. There is one more thing that you may follow once it is over. It’s not much but a simple Thank You. This won’t help you to get the job but would definitely leave a positive impression on the interviewer and increase your chances of success.

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