Interning, A Teenager’s Experience


It still gives me shivers and jitters, when I remember the time I got selected for an internship in a startup, Edu4Sure. Being a high school student and having basically no experience in this field, it was a HUGE deal for me! (I fell down while jumping with excitement, by the way)

Edu4Sure is an educational platform, founded in May of 2015. It guides people about exams, colleges, streams and almost everything related to providing best education advice through blogs, videos, workshops, and personal experiences. I accepted their offer and after some time, they finally gave my first topic to write on. I gave it my best shot and since I LOVE writing, it was fun doing it.

However, many people asked me, “Why an internship?”

Frankly, yes, I was a little apprehensive at first because when have you heard of a teenager interning at a known firm, especially in India? It was a huge responsibility on my shoulders since I had to manage school along with the internship. But then I asked myself, “Who has ever reached the heights of the world without taking risks?” I anyway had to start someday, so the day I accepted the offer, was my “someday”.

I poured my heart and soul into writing and slowly, the results started showing. People at the office and my own family members started appreciating my work. This was one of the moments that will stay with me forever. You know, it feels so good when you are acknowledged for something you like to, or maybe love to do.

Since I have a little experience now, I think I am eligible to tell you the experience working with this firm. Internships are really good for high schoolers because they get you a lot of extra credit. So if there’s something that you are good at, definitely enhance your skills with an internship. Also, find an internship that suits your conditions and interests.

Don’t do it just for the sake of it, because at the end of the day, you have people depending on you to put in your best efforts to do the work they’re assigning you.

For all us, students, interning while school is on can be a real problem. To learn how to manage your time, follow a schedule and reach your targets for the day. The worst thing anyone could do is start succumbing to pressure and stressing out. This is when you start convincing yourself that you’re not good enough. But from my own experience, anyone can do ANYTHING and especially with a team like Edu4Sure’s. Their team is one I have never come across before. They work with such harmony and support for each other, that anyone would love to be a part of their family, and this is also one of the most important things to look for in an internship; good work culture and ambiance, because would you like to work with grumpy faces all day? I don’t think so!

I was so happy to see that internships for teenagers are finally starting to emerge in India. Because you are gaining the work experience that your schoolmates and friends will learn a lot later. Also, one of the best ways to learn new things and develop your skills in a specific area is by doing an internship in a startup. This is because an intern gets to learn a lot in a little span of time as he or she is given a lot of responsibilities and targets to achieve. This results in the development of skills and time management rapidly.

As you must have analyzed by now, an internship has several benefits, especially for teenagers like you and me, and I am sure that by now you must have got the answer for,

 “Why an internship?”

So guys, go out and see new things, places and meet new people. This is the time when you can actually explore yourself. I never thought that I could do all this, but here I am. Everyone has that spark in them, all you have to do is find it and enhance it. So do what you love and of course, love what you do!


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