Interest Driven Career Choice


Is CA, IIM the best career choice for everyone? Is this is the only career option available to everyone who wants to make a career and succeed in life?  Everyone is running the rat race for the best career. Surely there is the perfect career for everyone and you make it best for yourself. You just need to know what makes you happy and what will you enjoy doing later in life.

There is a dialogue between two friends, about to complete their high school. They are heavily burdened with the pressure of making a career choice and that too a successful one. There is a constant asking of questions by parents and teachers about the plans.

Ram: Hi Shyam, how are you?

Shyam: Hi, I am fine. How are you?

Ram: I am highly stressed and confused due to my career.

Shyam: Why are you so stressed?

Ram: I am not able to figure out which career I should opt for, should I listen to my parents and try to clear CPT (for CA) or should I explore my capabilities and try my hand at something else.

This is exactly what many of us have faced and many of us are currently facing and many will be short. Most evidently, career choice is very personal to every individual. It is the individual who will study to make his career, so his opinion and career choices matter the most.

The movie 3 idiots are the best example when a career comes into being. It reflects the dire consequences of choosing a career due to external pressure. A person who chooses a career from his own choice is more likely to enjoy the journey of his career and be more successful in it just like Amir Khan was in the movie.

Newer career options are emerging and have a lot of scope in the future. Many consider professions such as photography, dancing of lower-level or not of quality.

But this is a stereotypical representation. It requires equal efforts, knowledge to master. Only a person with a passion can carry forward such careers and these are blooming sectors.

If passion drives your career, you will not crib about studying, problems that come your way. You love what you are doing and will continue to love and be happy with your choices. Ultimate satisfaction is gained.

Make a conscious effort in choosing your career. Do not rush. It’s never too late to make a wise choice. Believe your instincts and follow them.

Ram: Hello Shyam, which career are you thinking to take up?

Shyam: Designing, as I am passionate about it.

Ram: Designing? What will you do in it? People will think you were not good at studies so you opt for an easy course.

Shyam: Designing is not easy after all and not everyone can do it. It requires passion and creativity which I have. Yes, I cannot study, but I wish to make a career I am good at.

Make your career by following these simple steps

1. Self Exploration

First, examine your inner self. Explore your inner strengths and weakness, desires and talents. Things that come naturally to you. Things you enjoy doing. If you still not aware of some of them, take aptitude tests, online counseling and be sure.

Zero down to more than one option. Have a backup plan. In the case of Plan 1 does not work, move to plan 2 and make it work. Don’t be disheartened by the failures. Try hard and you will get success.

2. Take Tests

There is an aptitude test like the differential aptitude test and Holland interest test. Take these tests. Be honest with yourself while taking the test. Only then you will get accurate and fair results.

Do not feel shy to open up. If you hide things you will be in dark. Take counseling sessions too if required or you feel the need for extra help.

3. Examine the tests carefully

Understand your results and based on the values of the result make a decision. Explore the career options based on the results and then decide which one finally to adopt.

For example, the result shows arts: but this is a broader category, what under arts. This is a crucial decision to be made.

Choosing a career is a crucial decision with an uncountable career. There are infinite career choices and professions to cater to the varying needs of the student. Chasing your passion is the ideal recommendation. Passion will help you survive professionally for a  longer time. It will maintain your interest and will keep you happy throughout.

A crucial decision is the hardest to make, well if done right is the most satisfying. Take this crucial decision, not in pressure but treasuring what you have, what you want to do. Treasure your lives with your career but not pressure it.

Career is important but not at the cost of your well being. Stress career leads to an unhappy life, so make a happy career.


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