Innovative Ways Of Team Building Among Employees


Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is a success”                                                                                                                            – Henry Ford 

Significantly Improving productivity, communication, creativity and motivation- the advantages of a collaborative work environment can never be overstated.

Organisations both large and small spend or rather invest significant time, money and resources in developing team spirit and camaraderie.

Here we discuss some innovative ways in which organizations can go about building teamwork.

GOOD OLD BOARD GAMES: It is true that the play stations and the PUBG’s are what rule the roost. However their prevalence notwithstanding, for deciding a team building activity/game that is simple yet fun and engaging.

There is simply no replacing the old and simple team board game. Be it Monopoly, team carom or other board games of their ilk.

Even card games like Uno can be great ice breaker games and can enhance team interaction and camaraderie.

An organization can conduct a board game inter-department or intra-department event to facilitate team building through such games.

FLASH MOBS: One innovative way for fostering team spirit is facilitating a flash mob.

American corporate team building firm ‘TemBonding’ describes it as “the single most innovative and effective team building event. They consider very important for team building.

OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES: When it comes to outdoor activities the ambit is very wide. Be it sports events, adventure activities, Paintball, Go-karting etc. There are a plethora of unique and innovative activities to choose from.

These activities encourage working together as a team. It helps to decide upon different strategies and tactics during the course of the activity.
In the category of outdoor activities, a particular organization to mention is

STEPATHLON. Stepathlon involves organizations registering with it, making a team and the team members logging the number of steps covered.

Besides encouraging team participation, it also entails individuals moving and exercising more. Thereby leading to other indirect benefits of improved productivity and lesser absenteeism.

SKIT/MOVIE DIRECTION: Directing a small movie or play is fun activity. It compels individuals to work together is making them direct a movie or a small play. Members can either choose the theme. You can use pre-decided theme as well.

POT LUNCHES/ TEAM COOKING ACTIVITIES: The traditional outings and team picnics which are time-consuming and cumbersome to execute. It can rather replaced with pot lunches/team cooking activities

This would entail each of the team members cooking a meal of their choice and then getting together for Lunch.

TREASURE HUNT: Yet another kind of engaging activity for fostering teamwork can be a treasure hunt activity or its modification.

This generally has different teams given a set of clues. Which they have to solve together to gain access to a token treasure. Teams compete against each other to solve the maximum number of clues in a particular time. First ones to solve a set of given clues is the winner.

Its modification can include clues leading to different geographic regions in the city. This makes the treasure hunt more of a team city tour. Plus it also tests various decision-making skills regarding travel.

CSR ACTIVITIES: Teams can also put into volunteer groups to perform its mandated CSR activities.

This is the general sense might involve an organization, whose CSR activity lets say involves working for the environment, forming teams to facilitate this activity by conducting tree plantation activities or beach cleaning drives etc.

This apart from getting people to come and work together also gives them a social perspective.

Hence there can be plenty of innovative options for an organization to choose the team building activity of its choice depending upon its availability of resources.

Though the above list is by no means exhaustive, these are some innovative techniques that companies all around are following. To foster a team spirit among its employees and reap the related benefits of a strong team environment.


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