5 Benefits Of 3D Learning


3D Printing is the latest technology to enter the education world. We are devising new, interesting strategies. And we are doing away with the traditional, boring strategies of education. Because education need not be boring every time.

‘Education is boring’- this is the notion we have been living with. Those boring heavy gray textbooks with no images give a headache. Therefore, to relieve you from headaches we have come up with an interesting idea. The idea is 3D printing.

We are not completely doing away with the traditional system. But we are trying to incorporate new ways to make it more interesting.

The demand for 3D printing from the education industry has driven the growth of 3D software applications. The growth of the 3D application is still in its initial stages. Although, it will be popular in the coming years.

How do students learn Now?

Our education system primarily focuses on theoretical knowledge. The students gain cent percent theory knowledge. Theory alone cannot drive the industry. We need more. We need practical knowledge as well.

Practical knowledge is almost nil. We don’t teach our students to be great thinkers. The one with creative minds and innovative thinking. Hence, we don’t make them fit for the practical world.

We are making them consumers, not makers. As a result, we are just feeding them the knowledge and are not giving them ways to put it into use. So let’s explore 3D printing.

Impact of 3D Printing Technology on Education

The students will learn education in exciting ways. They will not just be consumers but makers of education. Moreover, they will learn in a practical environment.

1. From Consumers to Makers

We already know that our education system produces only consumers. But with 3D printing, we will produce makers. It will encourage students to come with good ideas and creative impulses. We have 3D printers. It is solely based on teacher-student creativity.

2. Technology at affordable prices

Although it sounds expensive it is not. 3D printing comes at affordable prices for educational institutions. According to the study of Michigan Technological University, educational institutions can cut costs up to 97% with 3D printers. Therefore, replace your laboratory equipment with this latest technology.

3. Trial and Error Method

While working with 3D printers students are expected to come across trial and error. As they will experiment and discover a lot of new things. They will learn by making mistakes. Thus room for more exploration and refinement.

4. You learn better

3D printing gives more room for exploration, exposure to design and manufacturing from start. The technology is cheaper. So students get more chances to experiment. They learn better in the process.

5. Balanced Curriculum

Educational institutions realize that 3D technology can balance their curriculum. It will provide both theoretical and practical experience to the students. Thus balancing the curriculum.

6. It helps students to improve

Also, 3D printing helps students to improve. 3D printing enables students to bring the subject matter to real life. Students are engaged in practicals. Therefore, it improves their critical thinking and problem-solving techniques.

7. Solving real-world problems

Lastly, 3D printing exposes students to the real world and makes them face real-world challenges. They learn to solve real-world problems, face challenges thus making them fighters.

3D technology is the new sensation with all the benefits. It will make education more productive. It sharpens the student’s minds and makes them more creative and practical in their approach. Hence, this is the best technology that makes student makers and best in their field.

So make use of 3D technology in education. The best for educational institutes to cut costs on lab equipment and best for the students as well.

Happy Learning!

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  1. Visualization speaks a lot. Students find traditional education very boring. 3D is in great demand in the education industry it encourages students to come with good ideas and improve creativity which makes learning easy. This blog has valid points which justify 3D learning is very interesting.


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