Challenges In HR Job


Well, this is the question most of the people get before getting into a corporate world. Things seem to be simple until they are put into action. Just imagine your class or the organization you work in are planning a party.

Assume you are assigned the task of an event manager. Suppose you ask the opinion of dressing to your team people. Some of the people may like retro style and others may like party wear, some others may like something else. What do you do now? Looking at the majority and convincing the minority is one option.

You can go with this but you need to have the skill of convincing and talking to people clearly. This is not only the case in dressing, but you also face this trouble in food, gifts, party style everything.

You also need to answer everything to your administration and assure them everything is going fine. This sort of management at a higher level is the job an HR does.

Since it involves higher officials, higher financial projects and some serious issues most of the people are afraid of corporate jobs. So, gradually people started to look at an HR job with a different perspective.

Have you decided to quit an HR job? Think twice !!

Yes, you heard it right. Executing an HR job efficiently is something which is really appreciable. Since it requires a lot of positive impacts on life, like:

1. High market value:

Neither the talented, efficient people nor the highly valued entrepreneurs can do the job of an Instead, they look for someone who can really improve the working method of their staff. Being an HR increases your market value.

2. Positivity:

Being an HR you need to deal with a different type of people. You need to talk to them, convince them. This gives you exposure to different types of people and their behavior.

You may face rejections sometimes too. These things can be handled only if you develop a positive attitude. An HR experience really develops a remarkable positive attitude in you which leads to a peaceful life.

3. You become fearless:

One needs to see many different sorts of people and make their views as one since they all need to work together. You will become the person who is fearless of things like what will happen next. You will come to know how to handle critical Situations. Once you tackle a difficult issue, you become confident enough to make things done at any cost.

4. Your expectations will be under your control:

When you get the work done you naturally overexcite. There is a famous quote,

“over excitement leads to disappointment.“

When your expectations are not reached by your workers you are naturally disappointed. Once, you handle both these sort of situations, you gain experience. You learn from them so that they are not repeated either in your work or in your life.

HR(Human resource) always have a huge demand because other departments always master a skill, but HR people always handle the human resource available. This is a much greater task comparatively.

It provides a great opportunity than any other field to learn. It is not a single skill, It is a mixture of many skills like you need to have a convincing capability, good communication skills, technical skill, leadership. You need to have a great attitude which accepts every situation and handles them intelligently.

Indirectly, HR always develops a habit of looking for solutions rather than problems. This quality is developed by getting over objections that he faces every day within the company. Hence, an HR job lets you learn many things. In fact, it builds a strong attitude which helps you to lead a happy life.

Challenges faced by an HR department and their solutions


A team can never be single opinionated. They always come up with different thoughts and ideas conflicting among themselves. The major job of HR is to select the best and ask the employees to work on it. It often ends up with discontent in some of the employees which in turn leads to discontent in himself.

Should realize that you cannot make everyone happy. Yes, you have to prioritize your things. Efficiency is important to you. You need to be answerable to your administrators.

When you start making everyone happy, your efficiency drops since your plan of completing project gradually changes according to your employee’s views. Ignore, there is nothing wrong in it. Just focus on hitting your targets.


This plays a key role in making your team work efficiently. You need to be careful while hiring employees for your company since this makes a lot of difference. If you have got a skillful employee just hire him without thinking about salary demands.

“Quality is better than quantity”.

You may get the number of people to be hired in the salary of a single person, but the question is are they efficient and passionate?. You cannot make people do best things but can only make them do their best. Ensure their best can output the best things.

It decreases the effort on you. Since passionate people always love the work they do, It is reasonable to hire them with a little bit more salary. If your recruitment process is well and good then you can save your time in training your team which will save a lot of time and effort.

Hence, you are always supposed not to compromise in terms of recruiting passionate and experienced employees.


Well, many employees hate their HR’s due to some or other reason. Indian IT jobs are always considered as the most horrible. Whatever the things and opinions this creates discontent in the minds of HR people.

No one wants to be hated right? You need to fulfill the expectations of your higher officials as well as you need to work with your team. As I  discussed earlier, you cannot satisfy everyone in all the cases and accept the truth. Just be faithful to your job and you can reduce the consequences of simple changes.

1. Interact with your employee. Don’t just be like a work sorting machine. Try your best to give them what they require.

2. Know their passions, try to assign the work for which an employee aspires for. This makes him more enthusiastic at the Try to assign the things for which they can do their best. Give them a chance to explore.

3. Respect your employees, yes. Of course, employees are the one who works a lot and paid less in the company. They leverage the time for completing projects. Ensure their self-respect never goes down. The more the self respect the more effective they can offer. Once an employee loses his lover towards work you cannot get the best.

Things may not be always under control, You need to complete your work with maximizing productivity. So you can ignore the opinions and interests of your employees only in extreme conditions. Maintain a good relationship with your employees. you get self-satisfaction.


Instead of handling many people on a single hand, observe the work of your team, you will surely find some good leaders. Make things easier. Ensure your leaders are trustful enough. Leadership not only mean to inculcate values in certain people you need to awaken the leader in every employee.

They need to do their work on their own, instead of waiting for someone. This can be achieved.. not a big task …Just give it a try.


Many people have focused on the technical skills of the employee but least bothered about their mindset. You need to take care that your employees never feel like quitting the job because of forceful work.

Just you need to train their brains to work for you. Trainers can well achieve this. They sort out the things for you and create a positive vibe regarding their work. Train your employees technically as well as in developing a good mindset .ensure  your employees love your company.


You too cannot handle a lot of things forcefully. You need to learn how to say no in a pleasant manner. you cannot hesitate to say something to your employees since they need to work on it whether you convey them or not, now or later.

Just develop a passion for work Passion towards talking towards your employees, explaining them in the way they understand. Updating the work to your administrator day by day. Never make mind to do things mandatorily. Do things with joy.

Confused? let us discuss the story of a shoemaker ..Sounds odd? Yes, many might be thinking what’s this shoemaking. Well, It perfectly mentions that passion can make anything possible. Shoemaking may be an odd job for many people but let us see what miracle it can make if it is the passion of someone.

 “Keith poh, who was inspired by the way his shoes were made for him in his childhood. He loved to make those. He started his work as an apprentice and learned to nail the art of shoemaking. It was considered as an art of design and craft according to him. His parents refused to his decision but he started making shoes using calfskin. the market gained attention. He got huge orders from different countries. He takes 3-4  weeks for completing the order. He works 7 hours a day and is content and happy because he viewed the job in his perspective not others ”.

Now, You need to love your job whatever the situations are.


The most important thing, you need to work on your job to make a passion out of it. Until and unless you accept that you are doing a better job with heart, you cannot make a passion out of it. Since people have a lot of complaints.  regarding HR people and their department, you might be injected some of it.

People’s think won’t be able to bother you. If you love your job you can make miracles like the shoemaking man. Every job has its own ethics. Follow the way you have to do and love it. View your job in your perspective. Remove your negative stereotypes regarding it you can really make wonders out of it  (if you have any).

Hope this article helps!!!


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