Thursday, October 24, 2019

With the motto “Do Less But Awesome”, we started our journey in 2013. We failed in approach at times but we never gave up and today we have associations with many colleges & corporate. Further we focused on Quality Education at an affordable cost to the learner.

Some of our services include Career Counselling Seminars, Corporate Trainings, Workshops, Bootcamp on Skills, Admission & Placement Support & provide E-learning content.

We are proud to conduct over 500 workshops. Moreover we will launch a podcast in May 2019 where learners can gain insights into Industry expectations from them.

Right now, We are conducting workshops on the following domain skills:

  1. Advanced Excel / Excel
  2. Agile
  3. Banking
  4. CSR
  5. Data Analytics ( Power BI/ SPSS/ Tableau)
  6. Design Thinking
  7. Digital Finance
  8. Digital Marketing / Digital Media
  9. Ethical Hacking
  10. Financial Inclusion/ FinTech
  11. Google Adwords
  12. Graphologist
  13. Internet Of Things
  14. Intrapreneurship (Entrepreneurship within the organization)
  15. leadership Coach
  16. Microsoft .NET
  17. Motivational Coach
  18. NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming )
  19. PoSH ( Prevention Of Sexual Harassment)
  20. Robotics
  21. RPA
  22. Sales Training
  23. Self-Defense
  24. Soft Skills/ PDP
  25. Yoga ( Laughter/ Blind Exercise etc.)

Some highlights of our Events & Workshops.

There were 18 participants ( Mostly Working Professionals) in the workshop done on Power BI (MS Analytics tool).

The Session was highly appreciated. Also, the trainer used real data and showed how it can be analyzed and presented to the management using Power BI tool.

Learners loved to learn our practical approach to training them on the tool.

The Session was taken at S&P Global, Gurgaon. 

The learners were very excited about learning the tricks shared during the workshop. The hall was full of employees because of the amazing learning share by the Edu4Sure’s trainer.

We ourselves never expected such a huge crowd. We were invited to take more sessions on the same for small batches 🙂

It is always great to visit our alma mater NMIMS. Also, most of the core members including our founder is from NMIMS, Mumbai.

We do boot camps there on various skills at least once a year.

We wish we get more NMIMS in other locations of India & Abroad and spread knowledge.

NLP is something which is very effective.

This training is done by one of our coach, Ashish Sehgal who is a very famous NLP practitioner and a Richard Bandler Licenced NLP Coach.

There are various modules in NLP like NLP for Sales, NLP for HR, NLP for Youth, etc. It is one of the most required training by the corporates which can be great for professional as well as personal growth of the learner.

The image was taken after a workshop conducted on Analytics.

The learned enjoyed learning and a certificate was also provided after successful completion of the module.

The new skills are always essential for the growth in the career & do better in the company. It is a win-win situation for the professional as well as the organization.

We love to share our own tricks applied in the business.

This makes us unique and makes our learner better. We share the mistakes which we had made in the business.

In the session, we talked about Digital Marketing. We discussed the affiliates, Facebook analytics, and link building techniques. Also, we showed our own portal,


“If you want to invite any of our trainer for a session at your place then kindly write to us at [email protected] or call us at 95.5511.5533“. We would love to share knowledge with you.”