Global Spread Of English – Good Or Bad?


English has within the twentieth century become a worldwide language. It is the language of trade, diplomacy and also the web. 

However the increase in international languages, in particular, English but also Spanish and Mandarin marginalize smaller languages even within their own homelands.

In Dutch East Indies Indonesian, the language that is supposed to unite the diverse country increasingly is becoming a second class language. As it becomes a lot of engaging to be told world languages, therefore, smaller languages become not price learning. 

Is this spread a good thing?

Yes because…

Communication for the globalized age

The world is turning into more and a lot of and more globalized. Countries square measure a lot of mutualist than ever and with the advances that we’ve got seen in technology within the previous few decades, communication is instantaneous. 

For the USA to be ready to effectively communicate, particularly among fields like international trade and social science, likewise as diplomacy, a standard operating language is essential.

English doesn’t need the education of the latest symbols.

The English language is one that’s terribly simple to be told. Unlike the foremost language within the world, Chinese, it doesn’t need most of the people around the world to be told new numerals. 

We find alternative languages additionally need the education of the latest symbols. If we tend to would like to speak effectively we’d like all individuals to be able to communicate in it; even people who have the issue in learning languages. 

Therefore having a worldwide language which needs no learning of characters is very important.

Mistakes created within the West Germanic don’t modification which means

Unlike in French or German, mistakes that individuals create in English square measure simply understood by native speakers. The English language may be an easy one with easy sounds.

These sounds separate words nicely. It is for this reason that nation notice it terribly simple to know people from alternative countries through their Bulgarian monetary unit

The global unfold of English additionally has the alternative result on non-native speakers of English – it encourages them to be told a second language. Without English, a second language would solely slightly increase the number of individuals.

No, because…

It makes us lazy

In a country just like the United Kingdom, we tend to square measure lazy. Foreign languages don’t seem to be a crucial part of education as a result of there’s the final accord that everybody within the world speaks English.

Even if native English speakers do attempt to learn a brand new language, individuals usually would like to apply their English, therefore their square measure restricted opportunities to develop your skills.

This unfolds additionally results in ideology – some moralist colleges place stress on teaching Latin/Spanish/French/Urdu/Persian/German/Mandarin aside from English. Knowing a second or third language has perks, giving the impression of being genteel, international, cosmopolitan, refined and civilized.

Loss of local languages

As the language of instruction is, in several places, preponderantly English; that sometimes is that the language individuals become most fluent in.

Multi-lingual are likely to only have a more impressive command of one language. There is currently pressure for that language to be English and once native languages square measure less well-spoken than English, there will be little point in learning them any longer in order that they square measure doubtless to say no and disappear.

It makes people culturally ignorant.

The fact is that though English becomes absolutely globalized (which it’s not yet) alternative languages can still be used. 

Though English may be used in business transactions, these people will still go home and speak their mother tongue. If individuals begin to solely communicate in English, a valuable lesson could be lost in manners and respect.

Even if there’s one common language, it should always be borne in mind how respectful and polite it is to at least attempt to speak the other’s language. 

However, with the globalization on English people will forget this sign of respect and will only speak English. This is a tragic day for cultural recognition and mutual respect. 

Whatever we opine? We can not ignore that we ourselves prefer English!


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