Girls Love Speaking In English Than Boys


As has been famously quoted, “Language is the light of the mind.” Today in this blog, I would like to reinforce the importance of this saying by emphasizing the importance of language in our lives and giving reasons for preference for a particular language over others.

It is a well-known fact that language is not only the bridge which helps us to communicate with one another but is also the sole medium which enables us to express ourselves. One cannot communicate with another if they do not use and understand the same language.

Thus, being adept with English which has been accepted as the universal language has become one of the primary requirements for communicating in today’s world.

No matter which profession you consider, the primary language of communication would undoubtedly be English only. All the documentation, communication is done via this language only as it is the only language which performs the function of binding all the parts and people of the country as well as outside the country.

When speaking about preferences for language, it is also commonly observed that girls love speaking in English as compared to boys. Multiple reasons and explanations have been cited for it by scholars, with a majority of people believing that girls speak English most of the time because they want to show up and present themselves as classy and stylish.

They believe that speaking in English makes them appear more sophisticated while the boys do not get caught up in such things as they like to keep themselves as casual as they are and do not believe in showing off. I like many others do not agree with this line of reasoning as there is no rationale behind this.

As a matter of fact, several studies have shown that the cognitive area of the brain — primarily responsible for doing mathematical tasks or calculations is more developed in males while the Broca’s area and Wernicke’s area of the brain – primarily responsible for language processing are more developed in females.

Though exceptions are always there but going with these studies, it has been established that girls have more brain circuits for communication, reading and understanding emotions and social nuances, nurturing skills and a greater skill to use both sides of the brain simultaneously, although the number of brain cells in girls and boys is the same.

Their outstanding linguistic ability is, therefore, undebatable and hence, is their preference for the English language justifiable.

Also, research in the field of sociolinguistics has revealed that females are more status-conscious and have a greater tendency to adopt the language of the higher social class as compared to their male counterparts.

Hence, girls have a greater preference to adopt English as it is seen as a more refined language. The language of the lower class is, on the other hand, is looked down upon as it is more associated with ‘roughness’. Girls thus tend to veer towards the language of the higher class.

Apart from the above listed scientific reasons, there are various other simple reasons also which explain why English is preferred as a language and why is it more loved by girls as compared to boys:

⇒ All throughout school time, a significant amount of emphasis is laid on using English as the medium of communication. Many efforts are spent on improving and developing fluency in this language.

Girls being more studious and obedient by nature follow it more sincerely and hence, are naturally more comfortable with this language. They are able to express themselves better in this language.

Also, all our textbooks except the Hindi books use English as their medium and hence, it is natural for us to be more comfortable with it.

⇒ Also, most of the times, the parents make it a point to ask their children to converse with them in English only. Also, they use the same language to communicate with others in front of the kids and hence, this becomes a regular practice.

⇒ Last and the most important reason is India is the land of diverse languages and cultures and thus, to have a common language to communicate and express one is of utmost importance and English serves that purpose by making it possible for people to communicate irrespective of their differences.



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