Why Should We Educate Girls?


Education is a birthright of every individual whether a boy or a girl. Who are we to refrain someone based on their gender from getting an education? Girls are denied this privilege because of their gender which is beyond their control.

In our country, especially in rural areas, girls are deprived of education. People expect them to be homemakers, child bearers but not educated. This poses a shadow of black clouds on the future of our country.

Let me ask you why should girls be deprived of education. It is the right of every individual. They should be deprived of education only because they are girls? Is it fair? Is it legal? Ask these questions before posing restrictions on them.

Girls are the future of this country. We should educate them. They are equal to the boys of our generation. If given the opportunity they will work to the best of their abilities.

They have proved themselves in every field. Just give them a chance. They have the ability to turn everything into gold.

It is sad that communities still discriminate education against girls. According to statics, around 57 million children around the world are not going to school. The report, children still battling to go to school says that 95% of 28.5 million children are not getting primary education. This is mostly the case in lower and lower- middle countries.

The education rate in Africa, West Asia is minimal or almost nil. Girl child education is far from satisfactory. Around 65 million girls around the world never get to see the classroom.  The results are poor in low and lower- middle countries, in rural areas of the countries.

The reasons for not educating girls can be various. The lack of proper infrastructure, lack of proper hygiene and sanitation, the stereotypical thinking, prejudices, and many more factors contribute to it.

The world is getting educated as to why it is important to educate the girl child.  There is a saying if you educate the mother you educate the whole family. So, now you know how important it is to educate the future mothers of our country.

Education empowers everyone. If you educate the girls, you empower them. Also, you take your country a step forward. Girls make up for half of the population of this world. If they are deprived of the education, it means half of the country is uneducated. The future will also be uneducated. Where are we leading this world to?

Why to Educate Girls

1. Educated Generations: As we know, a girl builds the family. If the girl herself is uneducated, the future generation will also be uneducated. A boy educates only one person and not the entire family. So for an educated family, you should first educate your girls.

2. Decrease In Infant Mortality Rate: The child of an educated girl is more likely to live her first birthday. This will lead to a decrease in infant mortality rate. An educated girl will be aware of the various diseases like HIV, AIDS and is more likely to live a healthy life.

The girls’ global education fund reports that when a child is born to an uneducated woman, he has 1 out of 5 chance of dying before the age of 5.

3. Decrease In Maternal Mortality Rate: Educated girls with an increased level of knowledge about health, and fewer pregnancies, lives more than the uneducated girls.

They will take care of themselves and their child during pregnancy. This results in lower deaths during labor, delivery, and follow-ups.

4. Decrease In Child Marriage: Due to illiteracy, many girls are married off early in their lives. This puts an end to their education. This has led to an increase in child marriage. Educated girls get married a little later in their lives when they are stable. Both financially and personally in their lives.

5. Decrease In Population Growth: Education affects all the other fields. Education controls the population, How? Educated girls tend to have fewer children as compared to uneducated girls. Thus, it controls population growth.

6. Decrease In Domestic Violence: An educated girl is aware of her rights and dignity. She is strong, independent. Therefore she is less likely to be victims of domestic and sexual violence. They will raise their voice against any kind of injustice.

Educating a girl is twice as important as educating a boy. An educated woman is well off in all the spheres than uneducated women. They will be a part of the country’s socio-economic progress. They will not only take their families forward but will take the world to new and greater heights.

For an educated world, educate your girls. Support girl child education.


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