Gamification In E-Learning


Is Gamification in E-learning a new concept for you? Never heard about this? No. Don’t worry. This blog post will explain to you the meaning of this term and make you understand this concept.

We will understand this term by breaking it into two. First, we will talk about gamification and then about E-learning. Finally, we will combine both the words together to see what is the result.

What is Gamification In E-Learning?

Gamification is the application of typical elements of game playing to other areas of activity. For example, elements such as point scoring, competition with other rules of play are used.

Gamification uses game design elements and game principles in non-game activities such as online marketing, education, etc.

The purpose is to encourage user engagement, organization productivity, flow, learning, ease of use, the usefulness of the system.

Also, it improves an individual’s ability to comprehend digital content and understanding of certain areas of study.

Now when you are clear with the meaning of Gamification. We will move to another term E-learning.

I guess this is not a new term for you guys. You all must have heard of it, used this term quite frequently in your conversation.  But if still, you are not clear with the idea of E-learning, it will be clear to you.

The letter “E” stands for Electronic. Therefore E-learning means Electronic Learning. Using electronic technology in the process of learning.

Use of appropriate concurrent multimedia modalities to enhance learning. A learning system based on formal lines of teaching but works with the help of technology and electronic resources.

This kind of learning can take place in and out of the classroom and maybe at the same time or different. It reaches to larger recipients and transfers their skill and knowledge.

Two essentials for E-learning is Computer and internet. A good example of E-learning is smart classes, learning online.

Now we will combine both the terms Gamification and E-learning. This will explain the use of Gamification In E-learning.

The use of elements such as shoot the bubble, merging of some elements while we are learning. For example, you are teaching a child addition using E-learning on a computer. The basic involves : 2+1 = 3. So this is taught by using gamification. There are two balloons and when a child clicks on one more balloon it becomes three.

Benefits of Gamification in E-Learning

1. Learning Experience

Gamification leads to a better learning experience. It is fun learning through this process and enhances the level of learning.

2. User Experience

Such learning involves users and provides interactive sessions and better user experience.

3. Learning environment

Gamification in E-learning gives an informal, effective learning environment. It makes you practice in the real practical world.

4. Instant Feedback

It provides instant feedback and lets you know what you should do and what not.

5. Behavioral change

Gamification leads to a prompt behavioral change in the learner.

6. Retention

Better and longer retention of the information learned.

Gamification involves the user in an interactive manner and fun. The informal learning experience helps in better retention of the information learned. Additionally, the use of visuals and graphics make it highly appealing. So gamification in E-learning makes learning more competitive, easy, self-rewarding, socializing.

The various ways in which a student is awarded through the process of learning makes them feel like learning more. For example, for every correct answer, there will be balloons flowing over the screen, or an emoticon of thumbs up, etc.

Gamification in E-learning not only teaches in a conventional style but it entertains and engages them at the same time. In this manner, more engagement means more learning, better understanding and retaining. Also, It offers something new to them every time they sit to study.

Gamification in E-learning is fast emerging as a technique of learning and education and challenging traditional learning. It is a unique, interactive, easy and fun way of learning new things.

It makes learning a fun activity and not boring and dull. Parents, Teachers use Gamification in E-learning because of more user participation. People of different age groups can learn through this process.

If a lady has to learn more about online marketing through E-learning combined with Gamification will lead to a better understanding of her part and it also makes learning an easy process.

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  1. Gamification is useful to help and support performance. It brings more engagement and learnings for better understanding the things. Thank you for sharing such the information.


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