Poem – Every Child Is Unique


As we know today’s children are our future and it is our moral duty to teach them and shape them into something which is productive and in a way that they don’t fail.


Not every person can be a writer,

A poet, or a policeman.

Everyone has some talents,

Acknowledge them.

The uniqueness lies in all,

Embrace them.


Training them to be perfectionist,

Motivating them to face problems,

Telling them they can do it,

Making them optimistic,

Supporting them in their difficulties;

These are our moral duties,

Our ultimate goal.

For success, they will achieve,

Making you happier than them.


Every child is like a vessel,

We shape them however we want them,

We mold them whether we see it or not,

We teach them knowingly or unknowingly.

Their talents are hidden,

We have to bring them out.

Every child is unique.

They are… Our future.


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