NLP Foundation Certificate – 2 Days Workshop

  • February 16, 2019 - February 17, 2019
    10:00 am - 6:00 pm

You want to experience how NLP can bring you closer to what you want.

Often, when you were really young, maybe in school, you were asked a question.

What is the shortest distance between two points?

Today, once again, you are standing at a point, looking for the shortest distance to the point you wish to reach. You spend precious years of your life, reaching the point where you are today. And now, you really desire to reach a point where you have consistent success, ongoing happiness, and ultimate peace. It is time to embrace growth with NLP.

NLP Foundation workshop is the right place to explore and experience the benefits you will embed in your system.

Learn how you can achieve excellence in anything you do, get measurable results.

NLP Foundation – 2 days journey full of experiences, learning and more

An experiential NLP Foundation Program that can take you to a journey deep in your own mind, where you not only become much more aware of your own thinking patterns but also gain the ability to change your thinking + action patterns.

Objectives & Benefits

  • Understand NLP & its applications
  • Get in the desired states of mind, at will
  • To get over fears, phobias and limiting beliefs
  • To understand communication models and its applications
  • Improve your own life and be more goal oriented
  • Build a better relationship with self and others
  • Develop behavioral flexibility and manage your emotional states well
  • Increase focus/confidence, and get better results much more…
On completion of the course, participants will receive the NLP Foundation Certificate from BusinessUniv Academy of Exceptional Competence.
The kit included in the course:
– NLP Foundation Manual
– Worksheets
– Notebook
Additional Benefits Besides NLP Foundation Certification

Enrolment in this course entitles you to have these 2 super benefits :

1. One personal ‘Program your year 2019′ Session’ with coach Ashish Sehgal (worth Rs 3000/-) within 30 days of your certification.


2. A chance to participate in one Hourly Practice Group Session with Ashish Sehgal within 90 days of your certification.

This program is for you if…

You are curious about NLP and want to explore how it can benefit you.

You want to experience the powerful processes of NLP.

You want to understand the applications of NLP in business and personal life.

You want to explore ways of making positive changes in your life.

You want to get strong foundations of NLP before you plunge into practitioner program.

You are busy, and you know that you need highly efficient solutions that work in the shortest possible time.

You need to see the shortest distance between two points.

This is when you choose the NLP Foundation Program. Your mind tells you that you should take expert guidance, that will enlighten your vision, brighten up your path, and show you the shortest distance between you and your success.


Day 1

Morning Session: Learn the Winning Secrets of the Mind

Dive deeper in understanding how your mind works and how it processes any outside triggers to produce a response in your actions, behaviors, beliefs. Also, practical experience while you learn the best ways to get yourself in the best states of mind and body.

Afternoon Session: Supercharge your life with Beliefs of Excellence

Explore the beliefs that the most successful people share and deep embed them in yourself. Know that how each one of your unique abilities can supercharge your life.

Day 2

Morning Session: Master the language of Influence

This is the time to learn the language of influence. The language system developed by Dr. Richard Bander & John Grinder after they studied and modeled the success of Dr. Milton Erickson. Popularly known as the conversational hypnotic language, this module with help you be a smooth linguist who and can create influence at any time.

Afternoon Session: Goal & Milestones

Experience the way you can deep ember goals and milestones in your own life and get the life you really want. In this session, you shall define & build your goals, find resources within yourself and around you, and build time-based action sequence. Then deep ember the same within your subconscious mind to make it an automatic way of life.

On completion of the course, participants will receive the NLP Foundation Skills certificate from BusinessUniv Academy of Exceptional Competence.

So what are you waiting for? This is worth spending & a life-changing event for you!

For any query, please connect with us at 9643749760 / 9654976160

Meet Your Master Coach & Trainer (Experience the Inner Transformation)

Ashish Sehgal, NLP Master Practitioner, Trainer & a Richard Bandler Licenced NLP Coach, with his more than 30 years of rich experience, will be your coach during this program. He is well known for his coaching, seminars, and workshops and has been professionally helping people to reach the next level in their lives.

Come and explore Immersive Transformational Experiences with Ashish Sehgal, and see how it has helped thousands bring positive and meaningful change in their lives.

These two days have the power to not only serve as your turning point in life but also help you with a deeper understanding of your own deeper inner self.

Life is a great classroom. Life teaches each moment. Make these two days, when you attend this workshop, your classroom where you will open up to new magnificent learnings about how the mind really works and what all you can do to make it the direction you want it to take you.

Mode of Payment method 1:

Early Bird Offer (Before 5th Feb): INR 11,000 Inclusive of all taxes + Lunch for both the days + Goodies. 

After 5th Feb, INR 14,000 will be charged Inclusive of all taxes + Lunch for both the days + Goodies

(Limited Seats: Only 15 to make a better impact during the workshop. It can be a life-changing experience. Mr. Ashish Sehgal is renowned NLP practitioner)

You can do Net banking ( NEFT ) or pay the cheque

Account: TestFormula Education Pvt. Ltd.

Account No. : 33729473635

State Bank of India, IFSC Code: SBIN0001573

Branch: Krishna Nagar, Delhi 110051

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Mode of Payment method 2:

You can also pay through our channel partners like paytm or event site. You can book tickets here.

Please pay the amount using any method.

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Q. 1. I want to have a talk with Mr. Ashish Sehgal for some doubt?

Ans: Please connect with Edu4Sure team ( 9654976160/ 9643749760) and we will arrange a discussion.

Q.2. Will I get certified as well?

Ans: Yes, details already mentioned above.

Q.3. What is there in Goodies?

Ans: It may have some gift item & Vouchers.

Q.4. Do you believe that NLP practice will really help me in Life?

Ans: Ashish Sehgal is the name where NLP in life is discussed. He transforms the lives in a practical manner. You need to implement the inputs provided during the workshops. We have many people who have got benefit after the workshops.

Please check some Reviews by the Participant

Q.5. Can you show what happens during NLP Training?

Ans: Sure, Please check this video.

Q.6 My question is not there?

Ans: please call us at 9643749760 or email us at


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