How Education loan Made My Career?


Education is one of the important things in one’s life. Education is vital for survival. Every parent dreams to get their child educated and to see their child well settled. We all are very fortunate to be educated. We were provided with this opportunity to study and make something out of our lives. Some of us are still studying, some wish to study abroad. I feel that all those who are educated are the privilege to get this opportunity because some are not even allowed to dream of education.

Education has that power which makes us feel proud of ourselves, make our parents and well-wisher feel proud of our achievements. Education is not only important for a living, to get a well-paid job but it is important for oneself. It empowers you, it gives you the sense of ideology, your say in matters. It gives you wisdom.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

So we all have the weapon to change the world. We should try to make this powerful weapon accessible to all so this place is a better place to live in. So that each one of us can contribute their change to this world.

How do we look upon the uneducated? The one who is uncivilized, uncultured. We look down on uneducated people. They are considered to be inferior to us just because they did not have the privilege like us to be educated. Their parents did not have the means to send them to schools to study because for them a meal a day was more important than education. Is it really their fault?

Are they really to be blamed for being uneducated? I don’t think so. Maybe their destiny is to be. They did not have the fate to be educated or to study. It is a vicious trap. It is a legacy that is passed on to generations because they do not have the means to finance the education of their children nor do they have any alternative source of education.  For them, education is a distant dream they could never dream of achieving it and for some, it is a sin to dream of being educated because it is a luxury for their parents, for them that they can never afford.

In metropolitan cities, people have better access to education, better chances of education due to the adequate means, infrastructure, and alternative sources to finance education. People migrate to these urban cities in the hope of getting their child educated. You must have heard the popular phrase, Hum toh Nahi Padh Paaye, Humara Bacha Zaroor Padega.

People who wish to send their students to school so that they can study and be educated look for the various alternate source to supplement and finance the education of their children. One such source to finance education and to be able to get your child educated and make him see a better career and lives for themselves is Education Loan.  Education Loan is defined as Money borrowed to finance education or school-related expenses. Payments are often deferred while in school and for six months grace period after education. Here is one such inspiring story of Mayank who was able to make his career with the help of education loan.

Mayank, a teenage boy from a village on the outskirts of Delhi. Mayank is the eldest of all three siblings. Mayank along with his parents and two younger brothers Raju and Kanha moved to Delhi, the capital of India to live their dreams. They have heard about Delhi back in their village. The glorious city it is, the dream of everyone. So they decided to move in order to try their luck and live their dream. Mayank’s father started working as washermen in the city to support his family. Mayank used to visit his father once in a day. Where his father worked, there lived a family and they also had a son, named Garv who used to go to school.

So Mayank during his visit used to constantly stare at Garv with books in his hand. He used to carefully listen to Garv and try to remember each and everything Garv recited. Garv’s mother used to watch this episode daily. So, he asked Mayank whether he goes to school or not, he said he used to go in the village but when they shifted to this capital city, his father does not have enough money to send him to the school.

So Garv’s mother insisted Mayank’s father send him to the school as he a was a bright student. She told him about the Education Loan which he can avail from the bank and fund his son’s studies. She told him that Garv’s father is a manager in a bank and she would talk to him so that he can help them to get the education loan sanctioned from the bank. Mayank was very happy to hear about this that he still has the hope to continue with his education. Garv’sparents guided Mayank’s father and helped him to get the education loan from the bank so he could send his son to school. With the help of Education Loan, Mayank has been enrolled in English medium school and has been doing well. He secured the first position in his class.

Mayank and his parents can’t thank enough Garv’s parents because it was them who told him about the education loan and also help him to avail it at affordable prices due to which his son is able to get the education and fulfill his dreams. Now Mayank has been doing well in his studies and wishes to become an engineer and support his family and two brothers. He wishes to be able to repay this loan by getting a good job.

Education Loan made it possible for Mayank and his parents to be able to dream once again of education. With the help of proper guidance and help from Garv’s parents, they were able to realize this dream and see their dream to turn into reality.

This was Mayank’s story, It could be your story as well. Start your career with education Loan.

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