Importance Of Distance Learning Courses


Distance Learning Courses are a way of learning remotely without being in regular face-to-face contact with a teacher in the classroom. Distant learning is a kind of education where students may not always be physically present at a school.

Distant learning is a kind of correspondence course. Today it involves online education. Also, terms like Distributed learning, E-learning, Online learning are used as synonyms with Distant learning.

Statistics about Distance Learning Courses

  • More than 270,000 undergraduate students are taking their first degree via distance learning, together with some 108,000 postgraduate students.
  • In recent years with the growth of the internet and widespread use of computers led to huge growth in distance delivered tuition and study.

At undergraduate level distance learning usually means student engagement with learning materials at home or work.

Firstly, these materials are made available to the students by the university, college or learning provider or are sent directly to the student or usually, now students access them through the internet.

Secondly, tutorial support is provided through a virtual environment.

Thirdly, there may be face-to-face encounters between teachers and students.

Distance Learning courses are gaining importance in today’s education because of changing education scenario and changing demand of the students. Distance Learning allows the student to study in their own space and time.

Students are not required to attend regular colleges. Distance learning gives you the chance to take admission in a college situated in another city, state or even country. Manipal University offers a distance learning course in various fields.

Distance learning is a form of modern non-formal education.

Importance Of Distance Learning Courses

1. Knowledge Explosion

Firstly, there is an explosion of knowledge due to rapid technological changes and development. The traditional education system is rigid and resists changes.

2. Population Explosion

Secondly, due to ease and flexibility in education provided by distance learning courses and an increase in the population, there is an explosion of population and masses going for distance learning.

3. Varied Needs

Distance learning courses satisfy the varying needs of the masses.

4. Earning as well as Learning

Also, distance learning gives the students the chance to earn as well as learn at the same time. Moreover, students who are in the job and wish to continue their studies, opt for distance education.

5. Desire to study

People who wish to study further while focussing on their jobs and want to improve qualification skills. Distance learning is at their disposal.

6. Geographical Isolation

People living in isolated areas or geographically isolated and less developed cities when educational facilities are concerned. In such cases, people learn and obtain a degree through distance learning.

7. Different ages

People of different age groups can learn through distance learning as age is never a barrier for those who want to learn.

8. Universal Education

Distance learning provides universal education applicable everywhere and anywhere.

9. Meeting the demands of Masses

Distance learning courses aim to meet the demands of the neglected section of the society. It meets the democratic needs of the various sections of the people.

10. Self Improvement

An individual can improve themselves, self-learn and self-improvement through distance learning education.

11. Easy Access

It is easier to access education through distance learning. People who were earlier deprived of education can also be educated through distance learning courses.

The above mention points give us the importance of distance learning courses and also guide us on why we should opt for them rather than the regular courses offered by other colleges.

Distance learning courses are easier to access, they give you the freedom to study at your conditions and time. Moreover, it saves a lot of traveling time. Furthermore,  there is no age bar, a person of any age who wish to learn can learn from distance education.

Before going for distance learning courses there are few considerations to be kept in mind

1. Accreditation

Firstly, only opt for accredited distance learning courses that give certified degrees and have a market value so that you can get a good job. Inform yourself about the recognition of the distance learning program.

2. Flexibility

Secondly, learn about the flexibility of the program. Freedom is given to you in terms of the study schedule. Higher flexibility will enable you to combine your studies with education.

3. Overall Cost

Thirdly, confirm the overall cost of the course. Also, distance learning courses are generally affordable than regular ones. Estimate the cost of learning.

4. Support Services

Determine the student support facilities provided to you. Also, personal assistance and support is a very crucial factor while deciding for distance learning and also important in the success and failure of the student.

5. Study Material

Lastly, for students studying through distance learning, the quality of the study material is important. Good, relevant study material and the environment are necessary.

Conclusively, this blog post caters to the importance of distance learning as well as points to be kept in mind while opting for one. I hope, this would be a useful piece of information for all those who want to take up Distance learning.

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